Protected: Retirement milestone

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Protected: To buy or not to buy

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Rent vs. buy

Okay, so while this is just one person’s opinion, he identifies a lot of the reasons that I rent a house instead of buying one.

Got Euros?

It had been my plan to get some Euros while at the airport before my trip in two weeks. However, this morning, a coworker just back from Europe offered me hers (at the current exchange rate) and so as of this morning, I am the proud owner of a stack of Euros. It looks like […]

The best policy

My take is that honesty is always the best policy, even where it might hurt you. Thus, when I opened my pay stub today, I noticed right away that the amount of money that my company contributes to my retirement was wrong in my favor by more than $60. I could think of no immediate […]

Practical politics?

Walking home from the metro station this evening, I thought of an interesting question. I don’t know the answer to the question, but perhaps someone does. My question is: In this day and age, is it a practical possibility that a middle class person, making the average income for a family in the U.S. run […]

And people complain about A-Rod…

A-Rod got $250 million over 10 years. This guy got $400 million for 2006 alone!

Protected: Practical ramifications of diminishing returns

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Finding money

When I was a kid (or younger than I am now, anyway), it was always exciting to find money you forgot you had. You know, you’d find it buried in a pants pocket, or under the couch or something. Cool! It’s a little different these days, of course, when I have more money than I […]

Top-earning dead celebrities

In one of it’s more obscure lists, Forbes recently released its list of top-earning dead celebrities. At the top of the list (and the reason it was newsworthy) was Kurt Cobain, who recently overtook Elvis as the top dead earner ($50 million in the last year alone). But of all of the celebrities on the […]

The Model

I don’t use Quicken or Microsoft Money for keeping track of my finances. Since 1997, I use some software that I developed myself and which I call “The Model” for doing this and it has worked very well for me in all of that time. I am about to start down the road of doing […]

37 degrees of separation

There was a thin layer of frost on my car windshield this morning when I headed out to work. The temperature was 37 degrees and marks the first time this season that I’ve had to scrape frost or ice of the car windows. The first colder days of the season are always nice, but this […]

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