And he walked on down the hall

Another long workday.  My hours are going to increase for a while until we get over the hump, which will hopefully be sometime in mid-March.  In the meantime, I expect longer days.  More than likely I’ll start getting up earlier, working from home until Kelly is up and ready to go and then head into […]

Time keeps on slipping, slipping, into the future

I was busy most of the day today–another cold day here in the metro DC area–and even as the day ended there was no relief in sight.  I managed to talk my way into a meeting that I thought started at 2 PM, and did start at 2 PM, only in the wrong time zone.  So I rushed home […]

Mortgage questions?

My brother, Doug, who is in the mortgage business, is doing a series of videos on his blog that answer common questions about mortgages.  If you are interested or curious, you should check them out.

Workin’ 9-to-5

I felt a little sluggish throughout the rest of the day yesterday–cold too, and that’s probably because the saline they put back in me was freezing!  I didn’t end up cooking last night.  I was going to make Taco Salad but decided to hold off until tonight.  For one thing, there were leftovers we could eat.  For […]

I can’t get this garlic taste out of my mouth

Up at 6:30 AM and into work shortly thereafter.  For some reason, I didn’t feel as productive as usual today.  Work has seemed relatively quiet all week long, but it just seemed to drag a bit today because I couldn’t get the engines firing on all 8 cylinders. I made dinner again tonight.   This time, it was […]

Financial “crisis”, part 1

Yesterday was the last real crunch day at work.  Today and Friday will still be busy, but I think I got through my tough part yesterday.  I’ve been working steadily all morning, but the pressure feels somewhat off.  Two more days left in the fiscal year, and we may actually meet our project goal. Kelly and I worked […]

Reading and writing

Another busy day at work today.  I managed to find myself in meetings from 11 AM until 3 PM.  Looks like I’ve got the same schedule on the books for tomorrow, too. I finished John Scalzi’s The Ghost Brigades at lunch today.  I loved it.  I was very tempted to rate it 4.5 stars, but in nearly 400 books, I’ve […]

Get! Rich! Quick!

We had a production push this morning for the project portfolio software that I’ve been working on for the last year or so.  There are eight business units that are part of the overall push, and today was the third one that we pushed into production.  It meant a long morning for me, running some […]

The roads must roll

Just finished up 4 scene critiques for the writers workshop.  Professor Gunn has us working on "setting" this week.  I think I have two more critiques to write, but those scenes haven’t been submitted yet so there’s not much I can do. Very productive day at work today.  My Universal Importer for the Big Application we’ve been […]

Delivery by invisible hand

When I got home from work last night (and had no power), I found waiting for me a check from the Federal Government for $270 and change, which apparently is my share of the Economic Stimulus Package. According to the treasury’s schedule, I wasn’t expecting this check until next month. It got here early, I […]

Weekend update

We had a busy day on Saturday and a less busy day on Sunday. We were up early on Saturday. We were supposed to go to Annapolis with AJ and Dennise, but I had a message from them in the morning saying that they wouldn’t be able to go. First order of business was getting […]

Thursday evening

Busy day, lots of meetings, and more meetings to come tomorrow. I got my state refund check in the mail today. $219. Since I’ll be in Santa Monica next week, I’ll deposit it as the credit union in person for a change, instead of mailing it in. I also got my pay stub for my […]