Under pressure

Boy, we had planned everything out so well for the wedding that I was certain that these last few days would be calm and relaxed; they are anything but.  Lots of last minute errands, lots of people in town, running around.  I can barely catch my breath.  Not in a bad way–it’s just busy. Despite having 7 […]

Hurricanes, Annapolis, car trouble, thai food

Roughly in that order. We were up around 8:30 AM. I didn’t sleep too well, I think because we were just sleeping on the floor. But I survived. Mom was already up and everyone else was up shortly after us. Kelly’s parents were going to stay until Monday, but decided to leave first thing this […]

Friday evening arrivals

Headed home from work at 4 PM. Kelly had her first flex-day today and so she was home. Around 6:30 or so, her parents arrived. We had moved Kelly’s car onto the street so that they could park in our driveway. Shortly thereafter, I heard from he11o_sunshine: their train was delayed a few hours and […]

Happy anniversary, Mom and Dad!

A big HAPPY 41ST ANNIVERSARY goes out to Mom (rubysnina) and Dad (bigblu4). It was just a year ago today that we celebrated their anniversary on a beach in Mykonos, Greece. Happy Anniversary, kids. I hope you have a great day!

Happy Birthday rubysnina!

A big HAPPY BIRTHDAY wish goes out to Mom today, who is celebrating her birthday in New York City this weekend with he11o_sunshine and stubiebrother. Hope you have a happy one!

Dinner with Mom and Dad

We met Kelly’s friend in the morning for brunch and shopping. Mostly shopping. It was nice though. The weather was warm and we wandered about the Third Street Promenade. Kelly decided that she needed a skirt because she hadn’t really packed for warm weather. She ended up getting a poofy white skirt and a nice […]

Thanksgiving dinner

We had a great Thanksgiving dinner last night. First, we had everyone over at Mom and Dad’s: me, he110_sunshine, stubiebrother, Doug, Rachel, Ruby and Carson. This year was a non-traditional year for dinner. We had excellent crab legs, delicious prime rib, rice, and broccoli. There was plenty of food and it was all delicious. Doug […]

To L.A.

I was up at 3 AM because I couldn’t sleep. My alarm was set for 4 AM, but there I was, awake at 3 AM and so I watched and episode of The West Wing before heading into the shower. The car was there at 4:30 AM to pick me up and we headed off […]

Spider-man, Spider-man

This was just too cool to pass up. Via SF Signal: Here is a true story: When I was a kid, maybe 5 or 6 years old, and living in Somerset, New Jersey, I loved Spider-man. I watched the cartoon but I also had these “45” records of Spider-man stories. Snippets of dialog from those […]

A renewal of vows

Posted at about 5:30 PM local time, on July 9 Mom and Dad had their vow-renewal ceremony this afternoon before dinner. We all got dressed up and then met outside the chapel at 5:30 PM. Jen and Jason had just finished up their couple’s massage and they had to rush to get dressed, but they […]

Snails and Frogs and Creme Brule, Oh My!

Posted at about 9:27 PM local time When we last saw our Fearless Hero, he was about to kill a few hours after making his last post and before going to dinner. And so he did. I grabbed my book, ordered up an Ultimate Mai-Tai from one of the bars, and then headed out onto […]

An evening in Venice

View from my hotel room Originally uploaded by jamietr. 9:18 PM local time. We did some roaming around Venice this evening. I met Mom and Dad at 5:30 and we headed out into the streets of Venice. It’s really so cool. I’ve never been in a city quite like this. Lots of people everywhere and […]