I’m Part of the SF Signal Mind-Meld on Recent SF/F That Deserves More Attention

ver at the Hugo award-winning SF Signal, I participated in this week’s Mind Meld: Recent SF/F That Deserves More Attention. Also participating: Jessica Strider, Derrick Johnson, and John H. Stevens. I list 5 books that I’ve read this year that I think are worthy of more attention. Head on over to SF Signal to find […]

I’m Part of Today’s Mind-Meld Over At @SFSignal

Over at SF Signal, Paul Weimer, Mind-Meld Master, has asked the question: What books do people expect you to love or read, but you don’t? Why? I answer this question, along with many others, including my friend, Damien Walters Grintalis. Head on over to SF Signal to read what I had to say. (Hint: it […]

I’m part of this week’s SF Signal MIND MELD on Point of View

Over at the Hugo-nominated SF Signal, Paul Weimer has put together an impressive collection of author responses to questions about Point of View in fiction for this week’s Mind Meld. So many responses that the Mind Meld is broken into two parts. You can find Part 1 over here. My response, among others, can be found […]

I’m part of today’s Mind-Meld over at SF Signal

Today’s Mind Meld at SF Signal asks, “What are the most interesting books in your to-read pile?” You can find my answer there, as well as answers from Patrick Hester, Charles Tan, Paul Weimer, Derek Johnson, Larry Ketchersid, Jessica Strider, Matt Cadin, John H. Stevens, and Fred Kiesche (whose list, in length, puts the rest […]

SF Signal MIND MELD: Whatever happened to interstellar travel in science fiction?

Over at SF Signal, I’ve participated in the most recent MIND MELD in which Paul Weimer asks the question: Whatever happened to interstellar travel in science fiction? Some fascinating answers by Elizabeth Bear, Fred Kiesche, Rene Sears, Kevin J. Anderson, Karen Burnham, Kay Kenyon, Daniel Abraham, Bryan Thomas Schmidt, Kristine Rusch, Fabio Fernandes, Mike, Resnick, […]

Check out the latest MIND MELD on SF Signal!

In this week’s edition of SF Signal‘s popular MIND MELD series of discussions, the topic is “Fantasy novels besides Game of Thrones that would make an excellent weekly TV series“. There are some great mind’s melding in this one, including Robin Hobb, Martha Wells, David B. Coe, and many others, including yours truly. This is […]