Stupid memory tricks

I have found that as I get older, my memory gets worse, or my brain plays more and more stupid memory tricks on me. Lately, I have found it more difficult to remember a word that I want to use, although I know it’s meaning perfectly and even have an idea of what letter it […]

If I had $1,000,000

Ordinarily, I have a phenomenal memory for songs and can associate them with very specific activities when I first heard them. It’s uncanny and often quite eerie. Tonight I heard, for the second time in my life, The Barenaked Ladies “If I had $1,000,000”. I knew all of the lines, which is not unusual for […]

Reference call

When I got into work this morning, I had a voice message from someone asking for a reference for a person who used to work for me back when I was managing staff instead of managing projects. The eerie this is that except for the name that they gave me, I have almost no memory […]

A near photographic memory for headlights?

When I got on the train this morning, I realized that I might have left my headlights on, and rather than worry about it all day, I figured I’d write about it and forget it until I get back to the train station this afternoon. I have 2 things in my favor: 1. Muscle memory. […]