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Loss leaders – an epilogue

When I went to McDonald’s this morning to get my Coca Cola, I noted almost at once that the price for a Sausage McMuffin meal had been restored to it’s previous value. The price increase had been completely rolled back. It’s probably because most people were refusing to buy the meal at that price and the revenue from it dwindled to nothing. But I’d like to think it was because of my scathing post yesterday, and McDonald’s fear that such criticism seen far and wide on a highly popular blog of a minor science fiction writer was too much to handle. So they rolled back the price.

Probably didn’t happen that way, but I’ll stick with the fantasy.

Loss leaders

I noted yesterday that the McDonald’s in the Pentagon City mall had raised the price of their Sausage McMuffin with Egg meal to $5.09, which was about $1.30 more expensive than it had been on Friday. This morning, when stopping for my morning Coca Cola, I gave a closer look at the menu and discovered something utterly shameful:

  • A Sausage McMuffin sandwich costs $2.89. The meal costs $5.09
  • An Egg McMuffin sandwich costs $2.89. The meal costs $3.79

McDonald’s is charing me more for hash browns and a soft drink if I buy a Sausage McMuffin than if I buy an Egg McMuffin. A friend at work called this a loss-leader: they want people to buy Egg McMuffins. I think it is patently ridiculous, but I didn’t have the energy to argue with the managers.

I realize that a lot of people hate McDonald’s and consider the food there to be awful, but I like their breakfasts, particularly the Sausage McMuffins. But not enough to pay $5.09 for them. Not because the McMuffin isn’t worth it to me, since obviously, the price hasn’t changed on the sandwich, but since I will not, out of principle, pay more for a soft drink and hash browns just because I chose a different sandwich. There’s just something wrong about that.