The Joy of Maps

While it is true that in most of my life, I have attempted to go paperless, there are a few places where having the paper makes all of the difference in the world. One of those things for me are maps. Until very recently, I forgot how much I loved maps, what ¬†joy they can […]

For those who like maps and charts, this is too cool to pass up…

(Via New York Times)

Cool map trivia

Those of you who like maps and also enjoy trivia might want ot check out the cool map trivia on Ken Jennings blog today. See if you can guess before you look up the answer. (I guessed wrong, but I was thinking in a different context.)

History in motion

I came across this cool kinetic map during lunch and thought it was worth mentioning. It illustrates thousands of years of the rise and fall of empires in the Middle East. I’ve never seen anything quite like it. It’s worth taking a look at. I’ve got to go interview someone now…

Who’s hiding behind that IP address?

This is pretty cool. I used it to look up a few IP addresses of anonymous posters (like Doug’s last post) and it was very accurate. The Google Maps integration makes it all the more impressive.

Mapping software

I bought some Garmin mapping software for my new handheld GPS today, got it installed, and tested it out at lunch. I walked over to Pentegon Row to do some reading (I started in on In Memeory Yet Green yesterday) and as I walked overthere, I used the GPS to track my position, and also […]