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Long day

It has been a long day. It’s after 7 PM and I’m just getting home. I was able to be pretty productive until about 11 AM. From that point, and for the rest of the day I was in meetings. I didn’t really even get a lunch today. I ate while I worked, in a hurried and unorganized manner.

I had my workout with Bernard at 4:30 PM, about which I will post the usual details later. Now I’m finally home and there a number of chores to get done, laundry, trash, cleaning up the kitchen, blah, blah, blah. But I can relax in about 45 minutes. Smallville and Gray’s Anatomy are on tonight and I’m looking forward to both.

The high point of the day was when I got home. I had a letter from Trevor and thepopeswife. Ever since they moved to the wilds of Minnesota, we’ve been communicating the old-fashioned way, by post. Actually, it’s fun. I have to write back but I probably won’t get around to it until sometime tomorrow.

Okay, chores to do…

Mail call

In this evening’s mail were exactly 3 items of interest and 10 items of junk. I’ve gotten into the routine of sorting through my mail as soon as I get into the house, lest it linger in a coma-like state for all eternity and I miss paying another bill. The junk was weeded out quickly. The three items of interest, were, in order of importance:

  1. A hand-written note from Trevor and thepopeswife with an accompanying photo of our last dinner together before they moved off to Minneapolis. No one writes hand written notes anymore (heck, people hardly write letters anymore) and so it is very cool to get them because they are so personal. I’m trying to come up with an appropriate way to reciprocate. Pen pals, perhaps?
  2. The December 2006 issue of ASTOUNDING ANALOG (whoa there, what was I thinking!) This is the issue I have been waiting for because it contains part 3 of Robert J. Sawyer’s 4-part serial Rollback. The timing could not be worse. I am very eager to read the story, but I am totally and completely loving Andy Rooney’s Out of My Mind and at the present moment, the book is winning the battle over the serial. (On the other hand, I’ll finish the book quickly and perhaps be able to read the serial sometime this weekend.)
  3. Notice from the state of Maryland that it’s time for another emissions check. And before strausmouse can make the joke, they are referring to my car.

Once the junk was weeded out, it was a good mail day. One piece of good mail makes it worthwhile, but two pieces of good mail is something special.

Railroad woes

For the last week or so, the railroad gates at the railroad crossing near my house have been acting as though they are possessed. The train stop is in the the Riverdale town center, which is as barren of business as Teli Savalis was of hair. It is also in a direct line home from work for me. Once again, the gates were acting nutty today and it took fifteen minutes to get across the tracks, though a single train was not in sight. When I got home, I was annoyed enough to compose a letter to the Mayor of Riverdale.

Read my missive