Retreat, day 2

Beth and Megan (and Shakespeare’s) birthdays today so happy birthday everyone! Up just before 6 AM and into the office by 6:30. Did some work on my “futures” presentation and then back to the retreat. Once again, meetings from 8 AM to 5 PM. Breakfast brought in. I was supposed to have lunch with Cathy […]

Friday in Santa Monica

[Written on May 27 and backdated] We had the second half of our “retreat” Friday morning. Overall, I think it was successful, but time will tell for sure. I had lunch with Derrick and Pam on Friday, which was fun. Our CIO let everyone go home at 3 PM in order to get a head […]

A hard day’s night

I went into work a little late this morning to catch up on sleep I missed by arriving in late last night. The rest of my day was not very productive. I was in meetings all day long. I got a $50 iTunes gift card from Jim because I bought him dinner at the airport […]

Happy Birthday, Jim!

It’s Jim’s birthday today and I wanted to take this opportunity to be the first person on the East Coast to wish him a Happy Birthday.

Video iChat

I did a video iChat with Jim this morning. We used to do these more frequently but today was the first Sunday in quite a while that we’ve done it. You know what, it hasn’t lost it’s novelty yet. Jim lives in Ventura County, north of L.A. and it’s pretty cool to be able to […]

Santa Monica, Day 2

Long day today, and another night filled with crazy and intense dreams. I couldn’t remember the dream I had last night until dinner this evening when something Jim said triggered a memory of what the dream was about. Today was the first day of the Crystal Reports training class and I think it went very […]