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When connected is too connected

I hate to bring this up again, but it’s been happening more and more and I just don’t completely understand it. Just about every time I go into the men’s room at work and someone else happens to be in there, that someone else happens also to be busy on their mobile device. At first, you could hear the soft clicking keys of a BlackBerry emanated from within a stall (in and among other sounds). That someone can’t even go to the can without having to read and reply to email messages is a bit disturbing. But it is at least somewhat understandable. I mean, you’re sitting there right, your hands a free and you’ve got a few moments on your hand. Why not?

But then, I walked into the men’s room the other day and found myself standing at the urinal beside a fellow who was texting or IMing and emailing on his BlackBerry at the urinal next to me. He was doing this with two hands, unashamed, while emptying his bladder. Some might call this multitasking. But come on, I mean there is a line right? There is a point at which the IM or the text message or the email can wait the 60 seconds or so it takes to relieve yourself. No text message is so urgent that it must be coterminous with expulsion of the morning coffee, right? This is the part that I just don’t get. This is the part that seems to me to be too connected. And I wonder if this is just a guy thing. Do women find the same thing going on in their restrooms? (Granted, women don’t have urinals in their restrooms, but those BlackBerry keyboards are surprisingly noisy. My guess would be that they do not do this–at least not as frequently.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to run to the john. Someone just texted me and I’ve got two more emails to reply to.

Cable and Internet access is done! (Almost!)

The Comcast guy got here at about 10:30 and it was surprising how easy it was for him to get my cable setup. There were two minor snags, one of which is resolved, the other of which is pending.

I couldn’t get my computers connected to the internet unless I was directly connected to the cable modem. The cable guy “hated” Macs and furthermore, he didn’t know anything about them. He stuck around for about 45 minutes while I tried getting it working, but no luck. He had to go on another call. I spent the next two hours trying myself. I could get a connection if I was directly connected to the modem, but not if I wasn’t. On the other hand, if I plugged the Airport Extreme base station back into the DSL line, it worked fine. I called Comcast tech support. No help there. Finally, on a whim, I thought that perhaps the base station was retaining the mac address assigned by the DSL modem. I performed a manual reset of the base station, reconstructed my network–and everything worked!

I hooked my TiVo up to the new cable box and got it configured for the new channel line up. One nice feature was that all of my Season Passes were updated with the correct channel automatically. TiVo recently provided an upgrade which allows WPA2 encryption, so I was able to convert my wireless network back to WPA2 encryption. That is working great now too.

The final snag was that I was supposed to get a Digital DVR for the bedroom. There were none in the warehouse at the time the service guy went out there. So I have only “basic” cable in my bedroom right now. (That’s fine because I don’t watch much TV in there.) He said he’d keep checking the warehouse today and if they got one in, he’d bring it out. Otherwise, I’ll probably have to wait until next week. Once I have that, however, I’ll have DVR capabilities in both rooms (meaning I can record Gray’s Anatomy and Scrubs since they are on at the same time.)

I was frustrated by the Internet connection issue, but I’m glad that I got it all fixed. On initial glance, I think the cable connection is faster than my DSL. I noticed download speeds of just about 1 MB/second earlier. I’m going to confirm my downloading the most recent episode of Battlestar Galactica from the iTunes store. In the past, it takes about an hour to download. We’ll see how it goes over cable.

With the Inteweb, who needs the evening news?

Okay, I realize that there are many people out there who don’t have access to the Interweb (as “House” likes to refer to it). But I keep coming up with more and more creative ways to make use of it.

Case in poiint: During House last night, there was one of those commercial spots for the evening news that lasts about 10 seconds, where the anchor said something like, “He graduated with a degree in math and physics in one year…at eleven.” I’ve always hated these types of ads. It goes to show the lengths that the news organization will go through to get your attention. Since when did the news become a mystery story? Whatever happened to “Who, what, when, where, how and why?” Even when these late night news broadcasts start, they tend to lead with some tantalizing bit, and then say, “But first…”

Well I don’t watch the late night news. Aside from the fact that it’s terrible, it’s on at 11 PM and that is past my bedtime on a school night. But I was particularly curious about the person who “graudated with a degree in math and physics in one year”. I decided to use the Interweb.

It took me two google searches. The second search (search term = “degree in math and physics in just one year”) took me right to this article from a local news radio station. In ten amount of time it took my local anchor to blurb this story, I had read the entire article. The commercials weren’t even over yet. I had defeated their clever little attempt to suck me into watching a “news” broadcast that would have Edward R. Murrow spinning in his grave!

I felt great!

With the Interweb, who needs the evening news?