Friday, Queasy Friday

The pain medication I’ve been given for my ribs has been making me feel a bit nauseous so Friday was a fairly queasy day for me. I did make some good progress on two of my projects at work, but didn’t feel too good for most of the day. When I got home, I basically […]

A visit to the ER

This morning, I headed over to the local ER to get my ribs checked out. They’ve been bugging me enough so warrant it, especially since the pain has been increasing, not decreasing. I got checked out, had a chest x-ray and the result was that there is no fracture or organ damage. It appears to […]

A good ribbing

Remember last Wednesday when I felt a strain in my left ribs while working out. Over the last 7 days, the strain has turned into a pain and I’m pretty sure I re-injured an old college injury. Back in collage, I took a judo class with Dan and managed to fracture a rib trying to […]

What a pain in the shoulder!

I had trouble falling asleep last night but at least I know why. First, I had random echoes of what I was reading running through my head. This happens to me from time to time when I read a lot on a particular day. It doesn’t happen often but I am resigned to it when […]


About twice a year I end up ramming my knee into my desk at work, catching it right in the soft spot just underneath the kneecap. I just did it and it hurts like @#$#%$#!!!

Knee update

The knee is fine this morning. A little tender going up and down the stairs, but full mobility and no pain. No swelling either. I have a session with Bernard this afternoon (fortunately, we did lower body yesterday) and I will be asking him about ways of strengthening the muscles around my knee so that […]

We lost a close one!

Well, we lost another softball game, but this time it was close. The final score was 20-17 and it was back and forth all the way. Our team played really hard and should be proud. I went 3-5 and played short the whole game. I had a four or five chances and made some decent […]

Argh! Ouch! $#%$&#$&*$!!!

Last Sunday, while eating an energy bar somewhere in the Upper East Side, I bit into the right side of my cheek and it hurt like hell! It was a pretty big gash too, and it took a while before I didn’t notice it anymore. Just a few minutes ago, while chew some fresh, grape […]

Throwing arm blues

It’s a good thing I’m not playing softball again until a week from Tuesday. My throwing arm from my shoulder to my elbow is aching like crazy today and all I’m doing is typing. I think I really aggravated it on a throw from right-center to second the other day. I may need to go […]