A quick update on the roofing

Roofing1 I slept better last night. The pain medicine helps. And even during the day the pain is better than it has been for the last 10 days. I’m not yet certain if the one “mosquito bite” is improving. I thinkĀ it is, but I am biased. I am going to say that I am cautiously […]

Sleeper cells (literally!)

I had the chicken pox when I was 5 or 6 years old, some 33 or 34 years ago. It still stands out in my mind for two reasons: (1) I’d been invited to my first bowling birthday party, and then I came down with the illness and could not go. Being 5 or 6, […]

Protected: Atrial fibrilation, part 2

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Protected: Atrial fibrilation, part 1

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Zeke is back home

…and he seems much better, although annoyed, I imagine, at how his schedule has been thrown into disarray. We think we know what the problem is and how to treat it. It means giving him a special diet, food that I get from the vet. I picked some up today. I was worried he wouldn’t […]

Zeke’s back in the hospital

First, he should be okay and I’m bringing him home this morning at around 10 AM. He has been fine since his surgery 2 weeks ago, back to his old self, playful, happy. But when I came home from work yesterday (with my Dad, who got into town yesterday evening) Zeke was lethargic. He went […]

Zeke is home!

I picked up Zeke from the vet right after work yesterday and he seemed happy to finally be home. His belly is shaved and you can see where the stitches are, but he doesn’t chew at them, or they are some special kind because he didn’t need one of those cones around his head. He […]

Zeke’s surgery update

I took Zeke to the vet this morning before leaving for New York. When I called to find out how things went, I was told that the surgery went well, and Zeke had woken up and was doing just fine. I was very relieved. He’ll be at the vet for a few more days, recovering, […]

Zeke’s upcoming surgery

While Zeke was boarded when I was in Europe, he developed what the vet thought was a urinary infection. They said it was probably caused by stress and they put him on antibiotics, which seemed to help. When I took him home Monday evening, I noticed that he kept going into his litter box, coming […]

Protected: Some sad vacation news

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An extra dose of vitamin C…

Ugh! A little while ago, I started to get that feeling. You know, it starts behind your eyes and it’s usually a symptom of a fever or a cold. I’ve had my flu shots and I’ve been getting plenty of vitamin C. Maybe I need an extra dose? Usually, when I get a cold, it […]

Post-nasal drip (and allergies)

The conclusion is that I’ve got post nasal drip and allergy combination. My doctor gave me Nasonex and told me to take it everyday, along with Clariton. The cough should go away pretty quickly.