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Happy Father’s Day

Today is Father’s Day, so:


Also, Happy Father’s Day to Doug, strausmouse, Rich, Todd, and all of the other Dad’s that I know.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to Mom (a.k.a. rubysnina) who is celebrating a milestone 35th Mother’s Day this year. I hope that you have a terrific day today!

Long weekend

With the Presidents’ Day holiday, I have Monday off and that means a long weekend! I could use it. I’m altering my workout schedule this weekend. I’ve got a lot going on today, and late this afternoon, I’m heading over to AJ and Denisse’s where Denisse is preparing a traditional Peruvian dinner after which we are probably going to see a movie. Given all that, I don’t think I can get a workout in today. So I am making today my “free” day this weekend and I will do my lower body workout tomorrow. Then cardio on Monday (which is a holiday) and that puts me back on my normal schedule.

I was up at 7:30 this morning and headed over to IHOP for breakfast. After that, I got a badly needed haircut. I’ve still got to get to the post office before noon. I have to put gas in my car. I have to schedule Zeke’s annual vet appointment. I have to update some reservations that I have. And I’ve got a ton of laundry to do. In between all of that, I hope to get through more of SF AGE Volume 1, Issue 5.

It’s actually going to “warm up” today. The temperatures are going to approach 40 which means that the sheet of ice might soften up enough that I can shovel the driveway enough to be able to park the car on it, instead of on the street the way I have for the last 3 nights. Beginning on Tuesday and through next week, the temperatures are supposed to jump up to the high 40s and low 50s, which will feel like summer after this cold snap that we’ve had.


I just watched the ball drop in Times Square.


Early start to the long weekend

I worked my butt off today, closing out 11 bug and enhancement issues with the application I have been working on (and that is about ready to roll out to production). I’ve reached a good stopping point and I’ve decided to get an early start on the long weekend. I’m leaving work 48 minutes early!

No big plans for the weekend. Some work on the book collection and reading list database. A lot of reading (I hope) and some writing too. Otherwise, I plan on taking it easy for what’s left of this year.

And now a word from Scrooge

Now that the Christmas holiday is over, I feel relatively safe posting about this complaint that I have about the holiday season. My office building sits atop a high-end mall and it is jam-packed during the holiday season. There is a tremendous, ponderous five-story tall atrium into which I look. The atrium is so vast that it reminds me of the opening scene in Foundation when Gael Dornick first arrives on Trantor. At the bottom of the atrium is a food court, complete with Starbucks its attendant satellites. People scurry about like ants. It’s madness!

In the center of the atrium is, of course, a Christmas tree, and sitting in front of the tree is good ol’ Saint Nick. A line forms around Santa Claus and his elves happily exchange photos for cash. There is a sign in front of Santa Claus’s den that reads: “Please do not take your own photos unless you plan on paying for the photos” or some such thing. This is where I have a problem.

We all know that Christmas has gotten commercial, but when did Santa Claus get so commercial? When I was a kid, living in Somerset, New Jersey, Santa used to ride around on the local fire engine and toss candy to kids standing in their yards. I know: I choked on that candy! Isn’t this the guy that is supposed to ride around the world on a sleigh, giving gifts to good little boys and girls, free of charge!? There are a lot of people who would love to have their child’s picture taken with St. Nick, but who could not afford the $15 for 3 small photos. Why not let them take a picture themselves?

I think there should be a law that makes it illegal to be paid for dressing up as Santa. I think the law should further stipulate that if Santa is sitting in a mall, no one can charge money for photos taken with their own cameras. What I’ve seen these last few weeks has made me sick!

I felt much better this morning, however, when I saw that Santa had returned to the north pole along with his den and his collection of greedy elves.

Wrap up

I went to see The Good Shepard this afternoon. It was okay, but I liked Rocky Balboa better. I guess I don’t normally go out on Christmas, because I figured I stop at the bookstore next to the theater: and it was closed. In fact, every store was closed. Even the grocery store was closed when I drove past on my way home. Good thing I have some food in the house.

The weather conspired against me, forcing me to miss my cardio workout today. The gym was closed so I decided to go running. But then it started raining and it hasn’t stopped. Now, I could run in the rain, but I decided I didn’t want to give myself a cold and risk missing further workouts, so I didn’t do the cardio workout today.

However, I am ready for my upper body workout tomorrow morning. I’m getting up a 4:30, and hopefully, the gym won’t be too busy, what with lots of people out for the rest of the year. My lunch is packed and the laundry is done and I’m planning on getting to bed even before 8:30 tonight so that I can do some reading before heading off to sleep.

Lazy Christmas

The local gym is closed today so I can’t do my cardio workout there, which means I’ll probably have to go running later today. Tomorrow is my chest and back strength training workout and I’ll be back on my normal schedule. This is one definite downside to holidays, when you are trying to maintain a routine.

I bought some tickets to see The Good Shepard later this afternoon, so I’ll be heading off to Silver Spring in a few hours. Otherwise, I’ll probably spend the time doing laundry and reading more of Chindi, which is pretty good so far.

More cool gifts

On Saturday morning, Jen and Jason brought out a stack of presents for me to open. Jen made me my own letterhead. It’s on gray granite paper and it has the coolest logo on the top center of the page:

(It’s a little fuzzy looking because I took the picture with my camera phone.) The desk in the picture is the desk that I have in my office at home. And I love the typewriter. Along with the letterhead came some matching envelopes, and a stamp with the logo on it as well!

In addition, Jen and Jason got me a book, and a gift certificate to Cold Stone Creamery. It was incredibly generous of them, and I can’t wait to use my new letterhead to compose some thank you notes.

And then there is the mystery gift. When I got home from New York yesterday evening, I went through my mail. There was a small package which, when opened, revealed the Grease soundtrack CD. But there was no indication whatsoever on who it was from. At this point, it is a mystery gift, very much appreciated, but one for which I cannot send a thank you note because I don’t know who sent it. So if someone out there reads this blog and sent the CD to me, please identify yourself so I can thank you. Or, if you wish to remain anonymous, then let me just say thank you very much for being so thoughtful.

Great minds

Last night at 8:30, I sat down for a video chat with Mom and Dad. We had arranged the video chat because they wanted to watch me open the gift they sent me. I was eager to do so as the package had been sitting in my living room for two days and I was wracking my brain trying to figure out what it might be.

So there, on a live video chat, I opened it up with Mom and Dad looking over my shoulder.

You’re not going to believe what they got me

Building a house

I have decided to build a house, and I have Doug and Rachel (and Ruby and Carson) to thank for it. Doug, who works in the home loan industry has made this incredibly easy for me, supplying me with everything I need to get the job done, with absolutely no paperwork.

Read all about it

Mail call!

Lots of mail today when I got home from work. First, the March issue of ANALOG, which had a great essay by Stanley Schmidt on “New Writers”. (Also mentioned in the “In Times to Come” section is a new story by mabfan in the April 2007 issue.) Then there were holiday cards. From Brittany, Meagan and Lesa. From Jon, Hollie and William. From Bonnie and Tom. From my financial adviser and his assistants. And one from vickyandnorm who signed their names “Norman and Victoria” which sounded incredibly formal to me. If I didn’t know any better, every one of these folks conspired to send their cards on the same day in an attempt to flood me with holiday cheer. (I should mention that I also received a card from strausmouse and Ryane last week, lest they feel left out.) I am always touched that people take the time to send out holiday cards. I also feel properly guilty about not sending cards out myself, but the fact is that I don’t. I’m too lazy.

There was a bill from T-Mobile. A newsletter from my alumni association, and another letter asking for money from said association. Finally, there were a few pieces of junk.

No package yet from Mom and Dad. I had a curious message from Mom over the weekend telling me that she’d sent a package, and I was not to open it until we could do a video iChat and then could watch me open it. How’s that for making one curious? And the pressure!