I, Robot; I, Robot; I, Robot; and I, Robot

As I was writing my lastest Wayward Time Traveler piece for SF Signal, I couldn’t help but recall something that happened just before I went to Los Angeles last week. I was packing and went into the TV room to ask Kelly about something or other–and found her watching I, Robot on FX. This movie […]

Writers and writers

I think that there is some kind of transition period between being just a fan of science fiction to being a science fiction writer. At least, that’s the way it is working out for me. Despite having some street cred (3 professional sales), I still look at other writers as if they are, well, Writers. […]

The “lost” Harlan Ellison meeting

I would have swore that the first time I met Harlan Ellison was at a talk he gave at the Learning Tree in Chatsworth, California in July 2005. My diary only goes back to April 6, 1996, so I thought I had no way to confirm or deny this. Until this morning. I got into […]

A brief thank you

In my continuing efforts to sent a short note of thanks to those authors still with us who have encouraged me through their writings and words to keep up my own writing, and who therefore played some part in my selling a story, I posted the following message on a bulletin board that I know […]

The Harlan dream

Last night I had a dream that I was at Harlan Ellison’s house (which is just up the street from where strausmouse lived when we were in high school) and that we sat on a porch in the back and I listened to him talk about writing and science fiction and comic books. I used […]

An afternoon with Andy and Mandy

I had a very nice afternoon and evening with Andy and Mandy today. They picked me up at the hotel at about 1 PM and we headed to Westwood for lunch at In’n’Out which I have been craving since my last In’n’Out meal back at the beginning of March. We then headed back into the […]

First full day in Albany

I was up at about 8 AM, showered and then spent the early part of the morning reading Foundation and Chaos. It was unusually mild out early today. I went with Eric to take Cali out for a walk after breakfast this morning and it felt almost humid. I skimmed through the local paper during […]