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The First Night

So last night was the first night of Hanukkah. It is no secret to anyone who knows me that, while I was brought up Jewish, I am non-practicing. Other Jews have a phrase for this: I’m a bad Jew.

(This reminds me of the man who told a friend that he was getting a divorce from his wife.  The friend said, “But you’re Catholic, how can you do that?” The man said, “Ah, you haven’t heard of the loophole?” to which the friend replied, “I know of no loophole.”  The man smiled and said, “I’m a bad Catholic.”)

In any event, I might not be practicing, but it seemed appropriate to expose the Little Man to the experience, just as we expose him to the Christmas experience. We didn’t light the candles, mainly because I don’t practice and besides, the Little Man would not yet understand what that was all about, but he did open a Hanukkah present sent by his grandparents. I took video and will ultimately put together a video montage of each of the eight nights, starring the Little Man opening his gifts.  One lesson I took away from last night: let him eat dinner before opening the gifts. While he generally enjoys tearing up paper, he was acutely less interested last night because he was hungry and wanted to eat. So we’ll try again tonight, but only after he has a belly full of food.

If you celebrate the holiday, Happy Hanukkah.  Or is it Chappy Chanukah?