Guest Post: Mike Dariano, Finding Good Things

This is a guest post by Mike Dariano who runs the 27 Good Things blog. Three times a week, Mike asks three different people to list 3 good things to read, watch, and use. Thus, the “27” good things. It’s a great blog and I urge you to check it out and follow @27GoodThings on […]

I’m today’s Guest Author over at Janice Hardy’s “The Other Side of the Story”

Janice Hardy invited me to be a guest author over at her wonderful ongoing series, “The Other Side of the Story” and today, my post appears. I write about the struggle I some times have with all of the writing advice out there: getting out of my head. Click on over to The Other Side […]

Bryan Thomas Schmidt: Space battle and action scenes in science fiction (a dialog)

Bryan Thomas Schmidt is on a blog tour for his newest novel, The Returning, a sequel to his debut novel The Worker Prince. On the blog tour for his first novel, Bryan stopped by to discuss how golden age science fiction influenced him. Since then, Bryan has not only written another novel, but he also edited the Space […]

My first guest book review column for InterGalactic Medicine Show is now online

Remember, I am pinch hitting the book review column in June and July for Alethea Kontis, who has been on her book tour to promote her new novel, Enchanted. My first guest book review column is now online. In it, I take a look at the Million Writer Awards anthology by Jason Sanford, and 2312 by Kim Stanley […]

I’m part of today’s Mind Meld over at SF Signal

Looking for recommendations on some of the best SF/F in 2011? Check out today’s Mind Meld at SF Signal: Our favorite SF/F media consumed during 2011. In addition to me there are recommendations by Jessica Strider, Charles Tan, Patrick Hester, Fred Kiesche, Jeff Patterson, Andrew Liptak, Larry Ketchersid, Karen Burnham, and Jay Garmon.

Guest post on going paperless over at the Evernote Blog

I have a guest post up at the Evernote Blog: “Why I went paperless” which explains my process for going paperless and offers some tips on how to get started. If you are interested in this kind of thing, go check it out.

A couple more guest posts are online

In this recent frenzy of guest-posting, I’ve got two more posts up today of possible interest to folks: Over at The Parking Lot Confessional, I’ve my post, “Taking a Swing at Those Writing Slumps” is now online. I was asked to write something that fit in with their theme this week, which centers around when […]

A recap of my recent posts around the Interwebs; plus one new one!

So in case you’ve missed it, I’ve been a busy boy the last few days with various guest posts and things seemingly all over the place. Here is a recap in case there’s anything you missed: Over at John Mierau’s Serving Worlds, I have a guest post on my interpretation of a famous science fiction […]

I have a guest post over at John Mierau’s Serving Worlds

Not long ago John invited me to write a guest post on a quote from science fiction and interpret the quote any way I chose. Today, you can find out both the quote I chose and my interpretation by heading on over to John’s site and checking out my guest post. I think it’s an […]

Bryan Thomas Schmidt: How Golden Age SF Influenced Me (A Dialogue)

Bryan Thomas Schmidt is in the midst of a month-long blog tour promoting his debut novel, The Worker Prince. Bryan and I had a fascinating discussion about his book, writing, and the Golden Age of science fiction. You can read our discussion below. Bryan Thomas Schmidt: Well, Jamie, thanks for inviting me to your blog. I […]

Some news and coming attractions

Several items of note today worth sharing with you on the science fiction/writing front: Since the word is now out, my Vacation in the Golden Age posts will be reprinted at the new Amazing Stories website beginning with Episode #1 on Monday, October 10. I believe they will continue every other week thereafter, putting them […]