The curious incident of the freezing MacBook

I posted on Twitter yesterday about some problems I was having with my aging MacBook. For the last week or so, it seems, my laptop is locking up–freezing–several times a day. So bad is the lockup that all I get is the spinning wheel cursor and nothing works. No keyboard commands, nothing. I have to […]

iOS 5.0: My day-one experience

I read quite a few posts yesterday of people who had some rather nightmarish experiences upgrading their iPhones and iPads to iOS 5, some of which resulted in bricked devices. My experience was completely opposite. When I got home, I did the following and it all worked smoothly and without a hiccup: Upgraded my MacBook […]

Upgraded to OS 10.7.2 and iOS 5.0 on all devices

I spent this evening downloading and updating my laptop to the latest Mac OS release, 10.7.2 (which introduces iCloud) and upgrade my iPhone 4 and iPad 2 to iOS 5. It appears to have all gone smoothly. There are lots of cool new features (I love being able to sync the phone and iPad wirelessly!) […]

A note of minor geekery

I finally¬†got the home network setup so that there is a good wireless signal on the top floor of our townhouse. For nearly 2 years, we’ve had a good signal on the lower level and main floor, where we spend most of our time. But we’ve had a weak signal on the top floor. In […]

Oh, Apple, your mousing-around is killing me!

I upgraded to OS X Lion the day after¬†it was released (the one day delay was due to the need to add additional memory). As those who’ve upgraded know, one of the trickiest things to get used to is how scrolling with a mouse or trackpad had changed. Traditionally, you use the scroll bar to […]

Apple’s in-app purchase policy

I read today that Amazon finally caved to Apple’s in-app purchase policy. I can understand Apple’s desire to get its cut, but the desire to enforce this policy puts an unnecessary burden on customers and creates usability issues that are extremely annoying. For instance: Right now, if I want to buy a book from the […]

You can learn a lot about a person from their bookmarks

Case in point: on my work machine, I have a bookmark for our corporate subscription to the Oxford English Dictionary organized into my “Fun” sub-folder.

I love the new LJ comment-editing feature!

As strausmouse will attest to, I make typos in comments all the time, and I hate having to delete them and re-add them. I love the fact that I can edit my comments without having to redo the whole thing. Great feature LJ developers!

Leopard upgrade

Apple’s newest OS upgrade (OS 10.5, codename, “Leopard”) was released on Friday. There’s a ton of cool new features and I decided I’d head over to the Apple Store and pick it up. At the same time, in the back of my mind, I’d been thinking for a while now that it was time for […]

Paranoid IM interpretation

A funny thing happened* to me last night. I was already in bed, so I didn’t get the message til this morning, but kruppenheimer sent me a text message that said, “Yamo be there!” I had no idea what it meant, but judging by the time she sent it, I assumed it was something derogatory […]

Happy programmer’s day

Being a programmer, I should have known this, but I’m off my game. Today is “programmer’s day”. It’s the 256th day of the year. If you don’t get it, then you are definitely not a nerd. If you do get it, welcome to the club!