The Golden Globes

Apparently, the Golden Globe awards were presented last night. I didn’t watch. Over the last 10 years, television and movies have mostly lost the battle for my time. There are other things I’d rather do like read, write, and spend time with the family. And besides, award shows were more fun when I lived in […]

How George R. R. Martin made me a fan of epic fantasy (a review of Game of Thrones)

I finished reading Game of Thrones this morning and I thought a review of the book was in order, despite having mentioned it already on several occasions. Be warned there are spoilers present! So without further delay, here is how George R. R. Martin made me into a fan of epic fantasy: He altered my […]

A mild response to some Game of Thrones reviews

My friend and fellow writer’s group member, Michael J. Sullivan, recently wrote a guest-post in which he defended fantasy fiction against some unwarranted attacks from reviewers. In particular, he used George R. R. Martin’s Game of Thrones on HBO as a specific example of a general problem. Now, I think I have made it well-known […]

More thoughts on Game of Thrones

Nearly one third of the way through the book, here are some more thoughts I’ve had on Game of Thrones since I began reading it on Tuesday: I am so hooked on this book! Every free moment I can get I want to spend reading it and if I read 10 pages of Astounding (as […]

Yes, I will be watching HBOs Game Of Thrones

I’ve had a few people ask, knowing that I am not really a fan of fantasy, but also knowing that I think HBO does good series. My DVR is programmed to record the Game of Thrones (which I keep wanting to read as Crown of Thorns for some reason), but I cannot yet say whether […]