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New Patio Furniture

We recently ordered new patio furniture and yesterday it arrived. It was quick and easy to put together, and I think it looks pretty good. I like Adirondack chairs, and as far as Adirondack chairs go, these aren’t too bad. I just wish they were wooden chairs instead of some hybrid. It turns out that the authentic, wooden Adirondack chairs are very expensive for some reason. The version we got cost about half as much. As far as I can tell, they don’t feel any different when sitting in them, and they look just as good, so it seemed like a good deal.

Our new Adirondack chairs on the front patio.

We put these chairs in the patio area at the front of our house. We don’t sit out there often, preferring to use the deck in the back, but perhaps by having nicer furniture in the front, we’ll sit out there more than we have been. We have a small portable fire pit there as well, which doesn’t come in particularly handy in the blazing hot summer. And there isn’t much shade out front this time of year, except for early in the morning before the sun gets too high.

I think we could use a table, between these chairs, one that could hold, say, a bottle of beer or a glass of Prosecco. I joked that we should look for an Adirondack table to match our Adirondack chairs, but it turns out that was not joke. There are such things as Adirondack tables. (So far as I can tell, however, there is no such think as an Adirondack fire pit.)

Our plan was to give two of these chairs a try, and if we liked them, we would eventually add two more. That would give us four, and since there are five of us, will lead to loud arguments among the kids about who gets to sit in the chairs and who gets left out. These arguments will shatter the calm and quiet of the evenings and make us not want to sit out there in the first place.

We’re considering obtaining some kind of shade we can put across the patio area to cut down on the direct sunlight. If we can eliminate some of that it only leaves the blistering heat, humidity, and the bites of the mosquitoes.

We got these Adirondack chairs because they remind us of the place we stay at when we go to Maine in the summers. There, four brightly colored Adirondack chairs are arrayed in the grass facing the water. The air is generally cool, even when it is warm out. The black fly season has passed and there is a cooling breeze from the water. The sound of buoys and lobster boats fill the air. It is peaceful and relaxing

Adirondack chairs in Maine.

The Adirondack chairs don’t have quite that effect on our patio. Our two chairs are arrayed on the patio bricks instead of grass. They face the driveway, and look directly into the side of one of our cars. The air is humid and hot, even when it is cooler out. We are just entering mosquito season, and the only water we can see is whatever happens to be dripping from the hose the kids left in the driveway. The sound of cicadas fills the air.

It isn’t exactly peaceful and relaxing. We always have our deck.

Saturday is laundry day

I was up at 8 AM, ran up to IHOP for breakfast (for the first time in a while) and then spent the rest of the day on chores. I did every scrap of laundry available in the house and it is finally all done. Every last bit of it.

I decided my bedroom needed some rearranging. It has been the same layout for 4 years now. This started with the fact that I decided to flip the mattress. I then decided I wanted new bedding. I ran out to Target for that. When I returned, I decided to rearrange the furniture in there and that too is done now. I also vacuumed the house. Thoroughly. And got rid of a ton and a half of trash. And cleaned the kitchen. Really, it was a busy day today.

I fell asleep last night listening to the Yankees game on the radio. I heard the amazing 4 run comeback they made with 2 outs in the bottom of the 9th but eventually fell asleep sometime during the 13th inning, so I didn’t know they ended up losing the game until this morning. They are in a back-and-forth battle in today’s game against Toronto too. The road to October is paved in excitement!

My shoulders and neck are a little sore from the arms and shoulder workout yesterday, but not nearly as bad as I thought they might be. And the soreness in my legs has almost completely vanished.

Warm today. In fact, I finally turned on the AC a little while ago because, even with the windows open, it was well over 80 in the house. Supposed to be beautiful weather tomorrow. Glad I got a lot of my chores done today.

For kruppenheimer

My office chair has begun to squeak whenever I lean back. I’ve had this chair for something like 8 or 9 years. It may be time for some oil.

(Why “for kruppenheimer“? Because…)