An “I just don’t get it” story involving Robert Reed and F&SF

So I’m sitting out on the lanai here in sunny and warm southwestern Florida. I got my Golden Age reading done this morning. I did some writing on my work in progress. And I was spending most of the rest of the afternoon going through my back issues of magazines for 2011 and catching up […]

(Almost) Everything I learned about science I learned from Isaac Asimov

Two nights ago I braved the bitterly cold weather to check the mail. When I got outside, I looked up into a midnight blue sky, crystal clear in the cold air with stars shimmering brightly, and immediately saw a meteor disintegrate in the upper atmosphere. I remembered then that it was about the time of […]

No September F&SF

As of yesterday, I still hadn’t received my September issues of F&SF. It’s gota Harlan EllisonTM piece in it and was looking forward to it. I’d even read some rumors that the October/November issue was already out. I tried digging up a phone number where I could call and find out what was going on, […]

The Backlog

I got the June issue of F&SF (Fantasy and Science Fiction) yesterday and it just reminded me of how for behind I am on periodical reading. The one magazine that I always try to keep up on (and to which I have been subscribed the longest) is SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN. To illustrate just how far backlogged […]