I felt feverish again just before lunch. I tried napping a bit but that didn’t help much. I took more Advil and then headed down to the mall. There is a fruit juice bar where they have a ton of fruit out in front. I asked if they sold just the fruit, and they did. […]

Now that’s damn good fruit!

My thanks go out to everyone who gave me good advice on selecting oranges from the grocery store. I just finished one that I picked using the advice I got and it was dee-li-shus!

Sour oranges

The orange I sliced to go with my lunch today was unusually sour. This is not earth-shattering news, except that it just goes to show that I have only one thing working in my favor when I pick up fruit at the grocery store: luck. I have no idea what I am doing when it […]

Granny Smith apples are too sour for me

The “green” apples looked better than the “red” apples that I usually buy at the store this week, so I bought the green ones. Man are these things sour! I’m switching back to red next week!

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