A shout-out for Christopher’s Confections

For Valentine’s Day, Kelly got us a box of chocolates to share. She got the chocolate’s from Christopher’s Confections as part of a fund-raising shindig for one of the Little Man’s Gymboree teacher’s who died unexpectedly a few months ago. We were actually so busy on Valentine’s Day evening that we never got a chance […]

Crickets, please!

My sister and brother-in-law came through town this weekend on their way home from a beach vacation. And they came bearing gifts. Among those gifts was this item, picked out especially for me: Yes, that’s right people. Bacon & Cheese flavored crickets. And here is the back of this box which describes the various parts: […]

Do you like food?

I mean, really, who doesn’t right?  What about cooking?  And funny?  Do you like funny?  Well then, forget Julie and Julia and take short link hop over to the Mouse House Kitchen where gives you food and funny all in one heaping helping.  Think of it as George Carlin meets Rachel Ray:  you know, like the […]

Oh what a night

I definitely need to chill out a bit when I got home from work this evening. So I spent the last couple of hours in front of the TV. I’m about to get into bed but I figured I’d share my evening with you. For the first time since moving to the D.C. area, I […]

Lobsters while leaving Athens

Written at about 8:52 PM July 9 We all met up for dinner in our main dining room at 6:15 PM. We were told that tonight, lobster would be on the menu, and sure enough it was. Even though I had lobster last night, when lobster is on the menu, I simply can’t pass it […]

First and second dinners

Posted at about 5:30 PM local time, on July 9 Tonight, we had dinner reservations at one of the two specialty restaurants on the ship, Sabatini’s. These restaurants charge a cover charge, but otherwise, the food is included as part of the cruise. I made the reservations for 9:30 PM because I thought that it […]

Cheap lunch

I had a really cheap, but excellent lunch today, and I discovered the bargain courtesy of my friends Todd and Karl. Harris Teeter, a local grocery store here in the Virginia area, has a weekday special on their deli-made subs. These are fresh subs, made to order, just like at Subway, only they are about […]


Somehow, I’ve gotten a reputation for being a somewhat disciplined person and I’m not exactly sure how the myth started. Sure, I get up early. Sure, I’ve been sticking to a pretty good workout schedule. But if I were truly disciplined, I would be able to come home from work and make myself sit in […]


I’ll probably celebrate my big news Friday after work with some friends. But tonight, I am having a mini-celebration. I am forgoing my “no carbs at dinner” rule, and ordering a pizza and some cheese bread from Pizza Hut (Norm will be happy). I’m not a big pizza fan, and only like having it once […]

What happened to lunch?

It looks as though the person I was meeting for lunch is running late. It could be after 2 PM when they get here. I’ve been working through lunch but now I come to a dilemma: I’m hungry. I normally eat every 3 hours or so, and it’s already an hour past my regularly scheduled […]


I just finished my peanut butter and jelly sandwich and it was good. The bread was extra fresh because I went grocery shopping last night and I picked the loaf with the most distant “best by” date. PB&J is never quite as good as when the bread is really fresh!

Cookies for breakfast

I didn’t eat breakfast before I left the house this morning, and I when I finally got down to the mall, my usual place was packed, and I didn’t want to go to McDonald’s and the shortest line was at Larry’s Cookies and that’s why I had a $2.62 oatmeal raisin cookie for breakfast, but […]