Novel trouble

I’ve been having trouble with the novel and that has made me rethink what I am trying to do.  The fact is that I appear to be (at this stage of my skill level) unable to write a great length.  Moreover, I am such an ardent fan of the art of the short story, that it seems […]

Friday writing

Just completed about 250 words of the novel. Not much, but better than nothing. I didn’t feel quiet as into the story as I did last week, but I think it was just the difficulty of this scene. It can use work, but I’ll clean it up in a later draft. For now, I just […]

Christmas eve-day writing

I got some writing done, sitting out on the lanai after lunch today. I did about 555 words. I decided to add a preface that sets a better overall context for the novel and that’s what I wrote today. I’m pretty happy with it. As things stand: Total words: 2,591 | This session: 555 | […]

Writing today

I did 700 words of the first chapter of the new novel (at some point, I realize I’ll have to stop calling it the "new" novel). I did it in under 45 minutes which is a very good pace for me. Still all first draft, but I was happy with what I got done. I […]

The prologue is done!

Another writing session tonight. I ended up breaking the prologue into two scenes. I felt that there was too much exposition in the first cut. In short stories, that is generally bad, and I avoid it, but this is not a short story, and so I’m in somewhat unfamiliar territory. Certainly, in the novels that […]

It has begun!

At lunch today, I began writing the Prologue of my novel. The novel itself is still untitled (but I’m working on it). Todd took a picture of me just as I was getting started, for posterity sake (humble as I am). With a few interruptions, I managed to write just shy of 800 words between […]

More research and outlining

I’ve spent hours this evening doing more research and outlining for the story–which still does not have a name.  I’ve got my timeline down pretty good, and now I’m filling in details that will help the plot move along.  I think I’ll be ready to actually start writing the prologue of the story tomorrow. Stressful […]

Protected: Something strange happened while outlining a story…

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