More elevator etiquette

I get on the elevator to head down to the mall to get a bagel. I’m deeply engrossed in Creating Short Fiction, which is not uncommon for me. I read in elevators (and while waiting for the Au Bon Pan people to make my bagel). The elevator stops at the lobby and a guy gets […]

The Starwood Elevator Dream

I’ve talked about my recurring dreams about elevators in the past. I’ve also talked about how in my dreams, I tend to be afraid of heights while in real life, I have no fear of height or elevators. Last night I had what I consider to be an “anxiety” dream. Again, it’s probably nothing more […]

Elevator etiquette

Dear Person Who Nearly Knocked Me Over In the Elevator — Please don’t walk onto the elevator as soon as the doors slide open. Hold back a moment, savor the experience, and see if there is, perhaps, anyone getting off the elevator before you get on. It makes life much more pleasant and it avoids […]

Elevator talk

This happened as I got on the elevator a little while ago. I don’t know why, but elevator talk amuses me, perhaps because it is the USA Today of personal interaction. Other occupant: Thanks for holding the door. Me: No problem. How’s it going? Other occupant: Not too bad, yourself? Me: Keeping busy. Other occupant: […]