My Friend, Winston Churchill

should finish the Winston Churchill biography today, and once I do, I’ll have some thoughts about it, which I will post in due course. However, I wanted to mention a strange dream that I had last night, and yes, the dream involved Winston Churchill. My dreams rarely seem to have any relation to what goes […]

I Dreamt of the Secret of the Universe

had an unusual dream last night. It was so unusual that, when I woke from it, I grabbed my iPhone and jotted a note in Evernote so that I would not forget it. I looked at the note this morning and here is what I wrote, just after midnight, typos and all: I don’t recall the […]

The “My daddy is a science fiction writer” dream

Last night I dreamed that the Little Man was telling his friends that his daddy was a science fiction writer. His friends grew excited. “What movies did he write?” they asked. “He didn’t write any movies,” the Little Man said. “Oh, well, what TV shows did he write?” his friends asked, unperturbed. “He hasn’t written any […]

The post-Seinfeld, Scott Bakula dream

I don’t ordinarily dream of interacting with fictional characters, but last night I had a strange dream in which I found myself at Elaine’s (from Seinfeld) new apartment. She mentioned that Jerry was going to be moving into her apartment and I was, quite frankly, surprised. It seemed strange that Jerry would be moving into Elaine’s […]

Dialog from a dream

Between 6 and 7am this morning, I had a strange dream about a man who dated a series of women, all of whom ended up shooting him at the end of the relationship. This was a strange dream, not just because of the subject matter, but because I felt like I was watching a TV […]

The return of anxiety dreams

For the first time in quite a while, I had anxiety dreams last night. The were not the ordinary run-of-the-mill anxiety dreams I used to have either. These had one particularly nasty ingredient added to them: they were recursive. Or as the kids today like to say, meta. I used to have two types of […]

Fear of heights

I haven’t the slightest fear of heights in real life but in my dreams, I am terrified by them for some reason. The last few nights have been plagued by dreams which involve weird or unusual heights. A few nights ago, I dreamt I had taken a wrong turn on the highway and in order […]

Laughing in my sleep

Last night I had one of my semi-annual funny dreams that woke me up laughing.  It also woke up Kelly, who was not as amused as I was, probably because Zach was sleeping between us.  (He’d woken up hungry at 4:30 am and we brought him into bed, fed him and let him fall asleep […]

Eight months of dreams just waiting to escape

Now that Zachary is sleeping through the night, I am finally getting more than 3 hours of sleep at a time.  This means that for the first time in nearly 8 months, I’ve started dreaming again.  Boy, have I ever!  It’s as if eight months of nightly dreams were packed in my brain under extremely […]

Happy Birthday ANALOG/ASTOUNDING (and a related dream)

If I am not mistaken, today is ANALOG/ASTOUNDING’s 79th birthday.  For those who don’t know, ASTOUNDING SCIENCE FICTION is the longest continuously running science fiction magazine around.  It started up in 1930 (when my Grandpa was 10 years old!) and is still going strong today.  (In the 1960s, the name was changed to ANALOG).  It is usually considered to […]

The sad dream

I had a bitterly sad dream last night. I’m sure I know the cause of it: I watched Randy Pausch’s “Time Management” lecture yesterday, and I’m certain that his circumstances contributed to the dream. In the dream, the Norm half of vickyandnorm had been diagnosed with a terminal disease and in the strange, dream-like fashion […]

Out of this world

Eventually, I fell asleep last night. At some point, I had a rather remarkable dream. I was standing on some other planet (perhaps the moon, but I don’t think so). The Earth rose above the horizon casting a bluish light across the sky. It was close enough to make out the continents and oceans and […]