Our high-tech OB doctor

We are lucky to have the best OB doctor ever looking after Kelly and the Sibling-To-Be-Named-Later. We had Dr. Kathy when Kelly was pregnant with the Z-Man and she was wonderful and the same is true now. The staff in her office are wonderful, too. They remember who you are from visit-to-visit, chat with you […]

Post-nasal drip (and allergies)

The conclusion is that I’ve got post nasal drip and allergy combination. My doctor gave me Nasonex and told me to take it everyday, along with Clariton. The cough should go away pretty quickly.

Doctor appointment

So after three weeks, this cough is still lingering and I have finally caved in and decided to see my doctor. I called a few minutes ago and managed to wrangle an appointment for 12:15 PM, so I’ll be heading home shortly, and working from home for the rest of the day. And maybe get […]

Blood pressure update

Exactly one month ago, I visited the doctor for a checkup and reported that I had “elevated” blood pressure. At the time, my blood pressure was 138/88 and I was told that for someone of my age/health, it should be around 115/75. I immediately cut my sodium intake somewhat and also have started to run […]

Transition to middle age

Turning 34 is definitely the transition to middle age. I had my physical today. The doctors (who were recommended to me by Rich) were great. I met both Dr. Ken and Dr. Laura (husband and wife team) and Ken spent nearly an hour with me, getting a history, doing the exam, drawing blood, talking about […]


For the first time since 1999 (I think) I have an appointment for a regular physical. Since I moved out here almost four years ago, I haven’t had a regular doctor. Last night, I was chatting with Rich and asked him if he could recommend a good family doctor in my area. He recommended the […]