Congress and diapers at Disney World

Two ridiculous things for a Monday: Congress. I’m reminded of the old joke: if “pro” is the opposite of “con” what is the opposite of “progress”? Kids wearing diapers at Disney World. Kids mind, you, not toddlers. The Little Man is in the very early stages of potty training. So naturally, Kelly was searching online […]

Disney World, Day 2

Today was Magic Kingdom day.  We were up at around 7:30 AM and met for breakfast just after 8 AM.  One of the cool things Norm did was get us a 50% discount on all hotel food, so our meals were cheap.  So we ate a cheap, but yummy breakfast and then headed out to […]

Epcot: the future of gas and wet willies

Andy, Mandy, Lisa and I caught a shuttle bus from Animal Kingdom to Epcot and if the day hadn’t already been fun, and funny, it was about to get funner and funnier. It all started with Andy’s comment, “Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us.” Wait, let me back up, I’m telling this […]

And I want, and I need, and I love, animal

Friday morning I woke up early feeling a bit dizzy and that’s because I drank quite a bit Thursday night. I lay in bed for about an hour and finally got up, showered and started to get ready for the day. I decided to skip the gym. Lisa and I met Andy and Mandy for […]

Welcome to the Magic Kingdom

Today we took on the Magic Kingdom. Lisa and I met Norm and Vicky for breakfast at the Picabu Buffeteria at about 7 AM. I had done a workout so I stuffed my plate with protein: scrambled eggs, bacon, and some fruit. The eggs were terrible, like something squeezed out of a tube or sprayed […]

That’s what she said

Just a quick post to say that the trip is loads of fun so far. I haven’t had much time to post because we’ve been out and about, but I will get caught up, just perhaps a day or two later than usual. I have been taking pictures, which I will get posted soon too. […]

I sat next to a Disney(TM) haunted house singing statue at Camden Yard today

It was your typical beautiful day at the ball park today. There was a nice breeze keeping the temperature from being overwhelming. Game time temperature was a breezy 91 degrees. The game was exciting with a walk-off single by Miguel Tejada to win the game. But the most unusual part of the day was the […]

The Main Street Electrical Parade

When I got home from work this evening, I had a package from Dan and Megan. It turned out to be the 50th Anniversary: A Musical History of Disneyland, a 6 CD collection and coffee table book. What a cool present! Thanks Dan and Megan. How can you listen to the Main Street Electrical Parade […]

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