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My 3 favorite Def Leppard songs

Because I felt like listing them, and had nothing else to post about this morning. Here they beginning with my favorite.

1. Overture (from On Through the Night)

2. Photograph (from Pyromania)

3. Hysteria (from Hysteria)


It’s a Def Leppard day

I haven’t listened to Def Leppard for a while now and today, what with the energy I’m feeling for the upcoming vacation, I decided to listen to some. So I’m currently blasting the Pyromania and Hysteria albums, and air-drumming in my office when no one is looking.

Review: YEAH!

Last night, I bought Def Leppard’s new cover album, “Yeah!” from the Apple Music store, and I listened to the whole thing on the way into work this morning. The good news is that it wasn’t terrible. That bad news is that I wasn’t particularly impressed.

The album is supposed to demonstrate Def Leppard’s roots, show where they came from and what kind of music they were influenced by. But with a few exceptions, the album just seemed to lack the energy that their orginal studio albums have. Those exceptions were covers like “Rock On”, which while low energy, was well done; “Waterloo Sunset” which was also well done, and had a bit more energy; “No Matter What”, which was good, but with little originality (although there was at least energy in the song); and “Stay With Me”, which in my opinion, was the best cover in the batch.

If you are a Def Leppard fan, this is very different from what you are used to. I’d say it’s interesting to have for a completist, but otherwise, you are not missing anything.