17 years (and counting) at the day job

I graduated from the University of California, Riverside on June 18, 1994. At the time I graduated, I was doing computer work for the dorm cafeteria, automating their budgets in Excel, developing reports, that kind of thing. I continued to do that work through much of the summer. Sometime in August 1994 I applied for […]

What I do at my day job

I’ve worked at my day job now for nearly 17 years. (Indeed, less than three weeks and I’ll have been there for exactly 17 years.) I started at this company 3 months after graduating from the University of California, Riverside back in 1994. I work for a public policy “think tank” and that means there […]

Post-rollout evening

I was in the office at 7am this morning (yes, a Saturday) and began working through my 7-page checklist to get this long-awaited server consolidation rolled out. It took 8 hours (minus one hour for lunch) to get the whole thing done, but so far, it looks to be successful. There were no major gotchas […]

Prelude to the Big Rollout

Much of the last several months at the day job have been spent working on a project to consolidate an abstract a fairly large group of servers and applications. I won’t bore you with the technical details, but it has been a challenging project and a fun one to work on. But as the rollout […]

Santa Monica, day 3: the bloody sock

Another mostly crappy night’s sleep last night with strange dreams that I can’t remember but which kept waking me up every few hours. I finally gave up around 4:50am and headed into the office around 5:30 to try to get some extra work done. My right sneaker has been rubbing at my heel in an […]

Long days, short nights

I’m in crunch time for the day job, as I might have mentioned. I’ve been working toward a fairly major rollout of a new server environment and that was targeted to happen April 30/May 1. Then I found out that I needed to go back to L. A. to attend some training right about the […]

Coming to L.A. (again)

I had thought that my trip to L.A. at the beginning of March was the last trip I’d take to L.A. for about a year. But it turns out I’ll be back there again–and in less than two weeks. I have to be in Santa Monica for 2 days of work meetings, Thursday and Friday […]

With a little help from my friends

Yesterday was the first day of my day job retreat and it was interesting, especially the stuff we covered on Scrum and Agile development. I got to have lunch with Beth, who grew up with me at the company these last 16 years and is like my work-sister. And around 3pm, we had a “team-building” […]

My L.A. itinerary

Tomorrow I fly to Los Angeles for my day job team’s annual planning retreat. I usually enjoy this trip because I get to see coworkers I only see once a year (I’m the only one on my team who works in the Washington office). I also get to see old friends that I don’t see […]

In Santa Monica next week

Once a year, in my day job, my team gathers in our Santa Monica, CA office for an annual planning retreat. I look forward to it with mixed emotions. One the one hand, I get to see people I don’t normally see (I’m the only one on my team who works in our Arlington, VA […]

Coming to L.A.

I have a business trip at the end of the month. I’m heading to Santa Monica for 4 days for my team’s annual planning retreat. I’ll be staying at my usual digs in Santa Monica and I just wanted to let folks know that I will be there in case any friends or family that […]

A twist on interviews

I’ve heard rumors that from time-to-time, science fiction writers are interviewed on various venues. It has not yet happened to me (there is no reason that it should have, I suppose), but a few months ago, in my day-job, I had an interesting twist on the science fiction writer/interview phenomenon. I was tasked with screening […]

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