Happy birthday, Dan!

A big happy birthday goes out to Dan today! One of my few friends who is actually older than me (though only by about a month). Happy birthday, buddy. I hope you can manage to get in some good surfing today!

Lazy Sunday

The weather today reminds me of winter in L.A.: overcast, rainy, cool, but to cold. It’s the perfect weather for a lazy day. Kelly and I made waffles for breakfast. Then around 11 AM, I headed home while she went shopping with a friend. I made myself some lunch, started some laundry, and then settled […]

Morro Bay, day 4

Labor Day. Up early again and did more reading of The Reagan Diaries. After Dan and Megan got up, we had a quick breakfast and then headed into San Luis Obispo and wandered around the town. The weather was gorgeous but surprisingly few people were out. We had lunch downtown and then headed back to […]

Morro Bay, day 3

I woke up early in the morning and I was sick. A full-blown cold with “extras”, the extras being things like fever and chills. It was in the upper 80s in Morro Bay and I wasn’t going to allow something as annoying as a cold to ruin my weekend so I sucked it up. We […]

Morro Bay, day 2

[Written on 9/4/2007] I was up at about 7 AM. I had started The Reagan Diaries on the plane yesterday and continued reading it this morning until Dan and Megan were up. I figured that I’m so biased against Reagan as a president that I needed to read something that might alter my opinion of […]

Morro Bay day 1

Long day. I was up at 4 am eastern time. My flight to LAX left ontime and was uneventful. We even got in a little early. I picked up my rental car from Hert and headed to the Santa Monica office to visit some friends there. I spent about an hour there and then headed […]

Long Labor Day weekend

I’m already looking forward to my long Labor Day weekend, which starts tomorrow. I have a 6:30 AM flight to LAX, followed by a 3 hour-ish drive up to Morro Bay. I’ll be spending just about 3 full days with Dan and Megan and I can’t wait. The last time I saw them was nearly […]

To Morro Bay for Labor Day!

It’s official! I’m heading up to Morro Bay, California for an extended Labor Day weekend with Dan and Megan. I used a credit I had with United for a previously canceled ticket. I fly to L.A. very early on the morning of Friday, August 31, and return on the red eye the night of Monday, […]

No Italian, no gym

I didn’t get up for the gym this morning. I wrote longer than I intended last night, which was good, but which kept me up later than I’d planned. I also owed Dan a phone call. Originally, I was going to call him at 8 PM and talk for half an hour. Instead, I called […]

Happy Birthday, Megan!

Today is Megan’s birthday and so a hearty happy birthday is in order: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MEGAN! I have now known Megan for nearly 15 years (which is close to half her life) and she is one of the nicest, sweetest people I have ever met. She reminds me of a dark-haired Meg Ryan, and Dan, […]

Somewhere between heaven and hell

Meanwhile, I asked Dan for a recommendation on a second Social Distortion album, because I liked their debut album so much. He recommended Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell, which is ironically how I feel right about now. I bought it from the iTunes store tonight and I look forward to listening to it tomorrow. Thanks […]

Happy birthday, Dan!

Just wanted to wish Dan a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Dan reads this blog, but lurks, and never ever comments. I hope you have good surfing weather today. So how does it feel to be old enough to run for President? Let me know because I’ll be joining the club in a hair over a month. […]