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A hunting we will go

Long day at work today.  I was in the office just after 6 AM and worked steadily until heading out the door at 4 PM.  I brought in my apple, ale and cheddar soup in for lunch, and brought an extra bowl for Casey to give it a try.  He said he enjoyed it.

There was a package waiting at the concierge when I got home:  the wedding photo DVDs!  Two DVDs totaling 1,206 pictures.  We skimmed through them and they really came out great.  When I have some time, I will get some posted so that people can look at their leisure.

We headed over to Home Depot tonight and picked out a Christmas tree.  We went for a frasier fur tree.  It’s about 6-1/2 feet tall.  They didn’t trim enough of the lower branches off to fit in our stand, so we have to cut off a few more this weekend.  On Sunday, Sarah is coming over and we’re going to decorate the tree.

Watched another episode (#8) of From the Earth to the Moon.  I headed upstairs after that and read more of Cauldron, which I am really, really enjoying.

More odd sleep patterns

Most people were not at work today.  But Kelly and I headed in as usual.  It was a quiet morning for the most part, but a busy afternoon.  I had lunch with Monica at CPK (Todd was supposed to be there, too, but never showed up.)  I then prepared for a 2 PM meeting that was more contentious than I imagined it would be.  We were told we could leave at 3 PM, but my meeting didn’t finish until 3:20 or so.  Kelly met me at the mall and we did some brief shopping.  I got a new wool coat from J. Crew for those extra cold days.

Got the latest (November 22) issue of NEW SCIENTIST in the mail today.  In fact, I got two of them.  The second was stuck to the first and it made me wonder if that was how I ended up missing an issue a few weeks ago.  Also AOPA Pilot was in the mail.  I also received my book shipment from Amazon:  Incandescence by Greg Egan and Anathem by Neal Stephenson.   I should finish up Marsbound tonight or tomorrow morning and then will start in on Incandescence.

I put the finishing touches on the manuscript for "If By Reason of Strength…" and printed it out.  I’m sending it off on Friday.

Spoke with Dad briefly today.

When I got home from work, I was pretty tired.  I’d been tired since lunch.  I read for a little while and somewhere between 5:30 and 6 PM, I decided to go upstairs and lay down.  I woke up 20 minutes ago, at about 10:35 PM.  Kelly was in bed and I was completely disoriented, having slept nearly 5 hours.  I even dreamed that I was in a bookstore and met up with mabfan  and Barry Malzberg to talk about s.f.  Anyway, I’m downstairs now and going to read for a while, since I don’t feel tired at the moment.

Good Monday

Up just before 6 AM with a killer stomach ache, the first one in a really long time.  Eventually it went away.  I was good today about meals.  5 small meals beginning around 7 AM and spread about every three hours throughout the day.  For dinner I made chicken and had what was left of my apple, ale and cheddar soup.  Kelly was craving noodles and peas and so I made those for her as well.

Productive day at the office.  For some reason, I didn’t think I had any meetings today, but I turned out to have plenty.  Still managed to get in a solid day’s work.  Also made some good notes for the new story, including what I think will be the opening line.  Looking forward to getting started on that as soon as the workshop story is in the mail.

Speaking of mail, I got stamps today.  They charge a $0.50 service charge for stamps atHarris Teeters.  I didn’t think that was allowed but I was in too much of a hurry to debate the issue.  I mailed some more thank you notes (only one more small batch to go).  I also paid a couple of bills.  Dad called and I spoke with him for a little while.  He was at the airport in Seattle, returning from his trip up there.  Also a call from mabfan , who was very patient in answering my physics question.

After work I went to the gym, then home, cooked dinner.  Kelly went to bed early and I started reading joe_haldeman ‘s Marsbound.  Through the first 35 pages and maybe another 15 or 20 before I call it a night.  (Yes, I gave up on the Franklin Roosevelt book–for the second time now.)

More Tiger

Productive day at work today.  It was cold and overcast and there were threats of snow flurries, but I didn’t see any snow today.  When I picked Kelly up from work, I cleaned up a bit.  I scoured the kitchen, cleaned the litter boxes and took out the trash and recycling.  We watched the two most recent episodes of Dexter this evening, too.

Played some Tiger Woods tonight.  I got my first hole-in-one today (on a par 3).  Also got my second double-eagle.  Not only that but it was right after another eagle.  I finished that round something like 14 under par.  I shot a 58 on a par 72 course.  I had a whole bunch of birdies.  It was by far the best round I ever played.

Spoke to strausmouse  this evening.  He’s back from China.

Not much in the way of reading today.  A few pages of Franklin Roosevelt.  I did finally get the November 8-14 issue of NEW SCIENTIST in the mail today.  Naturally, I’d already read that one online, and so now I am awaiting the next one.

My sleep cycle is off, somehow.  I’m going to bed near midnight.  Been doing it for about a week or so now.  I’ve got to get back on-track.

Gettin’ caught in the rain…

It was unusually warm yesterday, over 70 degrees by mid-morning.  Kelly and I walked up to Pentagon City where we had brunch at Harry’s Tap Room.  We then wandered around the mall for a little while, popping in and out of various shops, just browsing, not buying.  We walked back home and about halfway, the skies opened up and it started to pour.  The last time this happened, we were on bikes.  This time, since we were on foot, we dashed up into a grove of evergreen-like trees and, believe it or not, they were enough shelter to prevent us from getting any more wet than we already were.  We waited out the rain shower (about 5 minutes) and then continued our walk home.

I headed straight for the mail box and still no NEW SCIENTIST, much to my dismay.  I continued reading the online version throughout the lazy afternoon.  Later, Kelly napped and I watched Forrest Gump.

I spoke to Dan this evening.  Later in the evening, I played more Tiger Woods 2009 and on the 5th hole at Wolf Trap (a par 5), I had my first ever double-eagle (for which I got a $3,500 bonus!).  From what I understand, a double-eagle is the hardest shot to get in golf, and it was pretty exciting to see.

Slept in until about 9 AM and then we watched Sunday Morning with Charles Osgood.  Much colder today, and very windy.  Sunday Morning was good.  They did a profile of Steve Miller, which put me in the mood to listen to some of his music today.  They also did a piece on the Oxford Project, which was really interesting.

I was looking for Apple, Ale and Cheddar soup recipes online.  I couldn’t find any for all three, but I found partial recipes.  I may try concocting my own Apple, Ale, and Cheddar soup this evening based on what I found online.

Kelly worked on the last batch of thank you notes last night and this morning.  We should get those in the mail on Monday.

The best sandwich ever

I felt much better when I woke up this morning and as a result, I had a productive day at work today and it felt good.  The day concluded with a two hour meeting.  Kelly was waiting for me at the mall when the meeting was over and we headed home together.  It was a quiet and relaxing evening.  We sat reading in the family room, with the fireplace going to keep us warm.  It was delightful.  I ran to the grocery store to pick up a few things and when I got home, I ended up making myself what I consider to be the best sandwich I ever made.  It consisted of a sandwich role with mustard and mayo, and then layered upon the roll, two slices of turkey, cheddar cheese, two slices of bologna, cheddar cheese, two slices of salami, freshly sliced parmesan cheese, and two slices of fresh tomato.  Boy was that sandwich good!

Upon arriving home, I eagerly rushed to the mailbox in hopes of getting the most recent issue of NEW SCIENTIST and it was to my great dismay that it didn’t arrive today.  Maybe tomorrow?

Sent a rather long note to Barry Malzberg today on his recent Dialogs in SFWA Bulletin.  And I purchased a copy of mabfan ‘s new short story collection, I Remember the Future, for stubiebrother , who I know will enjoy it.

And if you haven’t ordered your copy yet, you should really do so.  It belongs in the library of any science fiction fan, whether you are new to the genre or a seasoned fan.  Check out Michael’s book website for details on how to order.

I’m close to finishing the Einstein book.  Up next I think I’ll be reading a massive biography of Franklin Roosevelt.

Spoke with Dad briefly this afternoon.  He’s on his way back from Seattle.

Flu shot scheduled for tomorrow.

Another lazy Sunday

HAPPY BIRTHDAY goes out to the Norm half of vickyandnorm  today!

Sore today from all of the Wii playing yesterday.  (Can you believe it?  Sore from a video game?)

Another lazy day today.  We slept in but were up in time to watch Sunday Morning with Charles Osgood.  It was a beautiful day out, but it wasn’t until around 2 PM that we finally ventured out of the house.  We walked to Shirlington in bright sunshine and cool temperatures and, as always, the walk was pleasant.  In Shirlington, we stopped at Johnny Rocket’s for some lunch, and then headed across the street where I got a haircut.  I’ve never gone into a Hair Cuttery on a Sunday afternoon and found it so dead.  There were a half dozen stylists just sitting around waiting for someone to come in.  It took them longer than usual to cut my hair, and I think that’s because they were bored and wanted the company.  One odd thing:  the price had gone up to $16 for a haircut, this after a recent spate of TV ads that promised, "Always $14."

Heard from A.J. and Denisse this afternoon.  First Denisse called, and later, A.J. called and we spoke for a little while.

We watched TV in the late afternoon and early evening, watching The Bicentennial Man, based on Isaac Asimov’s short story of the same name.  I saw the movie when it first came out, but I enjoyed watching it again today.  When it was over, we headed back out for a short walk.  This time, the skies were dark and the temperatures were cooler, but the cool air felt good in my lungs.

I spent the rest of the evening reading more of Einstein.

Slow Saturday

It was a slow day today, but that was nice, especially since it’s the last weekend before returning to work.  We lazed around for much of the day today, although we did manage to get in some Wii playing early this afternoon.  I did some chores at home, and started reading Walter Isaacson’s Einstein.  I was looking for something to read and Kelly was watching the movie IQ, which reminded me that I had the book and I hadn’t read it yet.

Spoke to Rich today, the first time I’ve had an extended conversation with him since he got back from Iraq.  He sounds good.  He is in Upland right now with Tricia and the kids, and he will be there until November 1st, when he heads back to Texas.

There was a pleasant breeze today and I had the screen door and front windows open to enjoy it.  As the breeze picked up, this created a wind tunnel and the house became a virtual disaster with paper flying about here and there, and a clock falling off the counter.  Much to my dismay, I had to close the screen door.

Sarah and Jim came over this evening and we headed to Alexandria (Old Town) for dinner.  We ate at a tiny place called Trattoria Da Franco and it was actually very good.  I had an excellent linguini al pesto dish, along with some wine.  It was a small place and we were placed at a small table, but I enjoyed the atmosphere of it.  Afterward, we went back to the house and the four of us played Wii for a few hours.

TV day

Up at about 6:30 AM in order to take Kelly into work.  I stopped in at the office in order to fill out some HR paperwork to update my marital status and add Kelly to my various insurances.  When that was done, I spent much of the day catching up on various TV shows that I missed while on vacation.  I watched episodes of The Shield, True Blood, and Entourage.   I ran back into the office to take care of some remaining paperwork, and then came home and did a bunch of cleaning up and chores.

I put together a final "Thank You Notes" list and plan and getting started on Thank You notes tomorrow.  Picked Kelly up from work and we went grocery shopping.  I made pasta for dinner, and then went through strausmouse ‘s cookbook and starting making a list of things to getin order to prepare dinners in the upcoming week.

Got the latest issue of SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN in the mail today.  Looks like a good one.  Had messages from vickyandnorm  and my friend Rich, who is back from Iraq!  I will return calls tomorrow.

Watched more TV late this evening.

On all 8 cylinders

Have you ever had one of those days where it seems you are running on all 8-cylinders?  Where everything moves smoothly and seamlessly, almost effortlessly?

Today was not one of those days.

It was, in fact, an incredibly busy, fragmented day at work.  It was one of those days where I was in two meetings at the same time (go ahead, ask me how that works, I dare you).  Lots of coding, lots of meetings, lots of coding while sitting in meetings.  We are crunching on impossible deadlines which is always fun.  Hopefully this doesn’t last more than a few more weeks.

Back at home, there was some good mail today:  the October issue of SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN arrived–and I still haven’t cracked open the September issue.  My voter registration card came, too, which means I am all good to vote on November 4.  We received not one but two packages in the mail today.

I watched the most recent episode of The Shield which Tivo recorded for me.  When Kelly was finished with work, we headed up to Laurel, Maryland, where we met with our DJ.  We were back home around 8:30 PM, and we practiced our dance for a few minutes.  Kelly has some work to do, and I’m going to go read before bed.

Reading and writing

Another busy day at work today.  I managed to find myself in meetings from 11 AM until 3 PM.  Looks like I’ve got the same schedule on the books for tomorrow, too.

I finished John Scalzi’s The Ghost Brigades at lunch today.  I loved it.  I was very tempted to rate it 4.5 stars, but in nearly 400 books, I’ve avoided half-star ratings, and I felt I couldn’t break my streak, so I gave it 4 stars.  Nevertheless, it was a great book, the rare sequel that I felt was even better than the original.  I took that and Rainbows End back to the library at lunch, only to find that the branch doesn’t open until 1 PM on Tuesday.   So after work, I dropped off those books, and then headed to the Central Branch library in order to pick up the next book in Scalzi’s series, The Last Colony.  (I’m nothing if no obsessive.)  I started it right when I got home, and so far, so good.

Lots of mail today, mostly junk, but more wedding gifts arrived today.  I forgot to mention that yesterday, Kelly’s wedding dress came in (as promised) and so she is all set for a fitting on Thursday.  (Maybe I did mention this.  I’m too lazy to go check right now.)

I paid a few bills this afternoon.  Kelly headed over to a friend’s house after work, and left me at home where I could do some writing.  I worked on what I think is a crucialflashback scene in my workshop story and managed to do a little more than 1,000 words this evening.  It probably needs some fine-tuning, but I think it’s capturing the tone and feel I am going for and I’m pleased with the results.

Incidentally, in this story, I’m naming characters after friends.  There’s a Norman, a-la vickyandnorm , as well as a Dr. Straus (strausmouse ) and Krupp (kruppenheimer).  I’ve never done this before, but I’m finding it amusing.  I certainly hope they will forgive how poorly I sometimes treat their characters.  Krupp and Straus, are, I must admit, redshirts.


Up at 6:40-ish and into the office shortly thereafter.  Another productive morning, but an afternoon stuck in meetings.  Fortunately, a meeting that was scheduled for 2 hours only lasted an hour.  That was a pleasant surprise, considering it’s usually the other way around.

I left the office around 4 PM, and walked home.  But I read while I walked.  This meant I walked and read at a slower pace, but it seemed to fly by and I was home before I knew it.  I stopped by the concierge to see if they found the package that they misplaced yesterday.  Sure enough, they did:  it was a small envelope from the Welcome Wagon stuffed with coupons.

We hosted poker night at our house this evening.  Todd, Jenn, Karl and Lee came over and we played poker.  Of the three poker nights we’ve had, this was my worst so far.  Lee ended up winning ($60 total).  We used the new deck of "Vote Obama" playing cards that I bought today.

The rains from Tropical Storm Hannah have arrived.  My softball tournament, scheduled for tomorrow, was postponed until next weekend, which is probably a good thing.  We can relax tomorrow during the day.  I think we’re getting together with AJ and Denisse tomorrow evening.

I’m about 215 pages through Rainbows End and I just may finish it this weekend.