Time dilation

My 9 hour workday seemed to pass by in 15 minutes or so.  I continued my work on the PowerPoint slide deck for the training session I’m leading in mid-March.  I started as soon as I got into the office, worked on it nonstop until lunchtime.  I paused at lunch to eat, read more of Steal Across […]

Forward progress, part 1

I did pretty good at sticking to the schedule I planned for today.  There’s a lot to get done this weekend and I felt like I needed a schedule and list to help get it all done in the time I’ve got. I slept pretty well last night.  When I went to go to bed, two of the cats […]

Early night

I’m finally crashing and so there’s a chance at a decent night’s sleep tonight.  Work was busy all day long.  I even worked through lunch, but I completed an important milestone on my project and that felt good.  At 4 PM, there was a memorial service for Susan held in the office and lots of people came […]

We few, we happy few

Busy day at work today, one of those days where time flies by virtually unnoticed.  I got fed up with a project that seemed to have lost all forward momentum and so I took charge today, and I felt good about that.  I think things will start moving again. After work, Kelly went to the gym […]

Time keeps on slipping, slipping, into the future

I was busy most of the day today–another cold day here in the metro DC area–and even as the day ended there was no relief in sight.  I managed to talk my way into a meeting that I thought started at 2 PM, and did start at 2 PM, only in the wrong time zone.  So I rushed home […]

Time to relax!

Good work day today, very productive.  Bad weather day, lots of rain and general nastiness.  We stopped at the grocery store on the way home to pick up some things.  I made ravioli for dinner, mine with pasta sauce, Kelly’s with chicken soup broth.  Yum!  It hit the spot.  No interesting mail today.  I got […]

Good day back at work

The holidays are over and it was back to work today.  Kelly and I overslept slightly (10 or 15 minutes) but we heading into work and got started with the day.  I set out 4 goals for myself to get done at work today.  I got three of the four things done.  The last one got a […]

A quiet evening at home

I was surprised how many people were actually in the office today, considering it was Friday and everyone had yesterday off.  Still, it was a pretty quiet day, overall.  The predicted snow never manifested.  Chalk another one up to the weather department. We spent a quiet evening at home.  Our stroller arrived at the concierge, […]

Protected: Holiday vacation!

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

More research and outlining

I’ve spent hours this evening doing more research and outlining for the story–which still does not have a name.  I’ve got my timeline down pretty good, and now I’m filling in details that will help the plot move along.  I think I’ll be ready to actually start writing the prologue of the story tomorrow. Stressful […]

Monday wrap-up

An unusually warm day today.  Temperatures were well into the 60s!  I had to run an errand early this afternoon and I went outside without my jacket and it felt great!  Back to winter weather tomorrow, however. Lots of mail today, including the February 2009 issue of ASIMOV’S and the December 13 issue of NEW SCIENTIST. […]

The Hard SF Renaissance

I’m in one of those phases where I can’t decide on what I want to read.  I read and enjoyed Jack McDevitt’s Cauldron.  I was looking for something more like that (based on my mood), but I was also yearning for short fiction.  I started on C. M. Kornbluth’s short fiction collection, His Share of Glory, but decided thatwasn’t quite right […]