RavenCon 2009

Kelly and I were up early on Saturday morning and hit the road before 8 am for our drive down to Richmond for RavenCon 2009.  We arrived at the hotel, checked in, had some breakfast, registered, and then got started.  This was Kelly’s first science fiction convention (or as she lovingly referred to it, "nerd convention") […]

Readercon, Part 2

Saturday was my second and final day at Readercon, and it was just as good as the first day. I attended several session today, including a fascinating one on rewrites and revisions. The panel included (among others) Michael Swanwick and James Patrick Kelly. I attended a couple of readings as well. The first reading was […]

Readercon 2008, Part 1

I was up at around 5:30 AM in order to catch a flight to Boston for Readercon. For all of my non-sf friends, Readercon is a s.f. convention not quite like any other. As the name alludes to, it is almost exclusively about written science fiction. It is also attended by the Best of the […]

My tentative Readercon schedule

I head up to Boston for Readercon early Friday morning. Alas, I am only able to stay through early Saturday evening. Given my short stay, here is my tentative schedule of events that I am hoping to attend while there. Friday 11:00: Science Fiction as a Mirror for Reality 13:00: -Esque No More: Transcending Your […]

Move, wedding and Readercon updates

More progress on move and wedding stuff yesterday: Moving progress We went over to the new place last night and paid the pet deposit and pro-rated rent for July. We also requested to get the keys a day early so we get them on Friday, July 25, which means we can get an earlier start […]

Readercon 2008!

Finally, finally, I am going to make it to Readercon. I’ve been wanted to go to this convention for a few years now, in large part because one of my favorite all-time authors–Barry Malzberg–usually attends. As it turns out, Dad is going to be in town July 17 – 23, but I checked with him […]

Boskone recap now available

I’ve finally completed my recap of Boskone. Since I backdated the posts, they won’t show up if you read my blog on friends pages so you can find them here: Friday, Saturday (back-dated), Sunday (back-dated).

Sick day

I got back home from Boston about 10 PM last night with a few new books and no voice. I’m still sick today and my voice has withered away. I stayed home from work and hopefully that means I’ll be okay for work tomorrow. I haven’t had a chance to post more about Boskone yet, […]

Boskone 45, Day 3 (Sunday)

I was up at 8:30 AM, headed down to the hotel lobby to do a little bit of writing (promised mabfan that I’d do this) and eat breakfast. Eric came down a little later, ate and then hit the road for home. My first session wasn’t until 11 AM, so I spent some time wandering […]

Boskone 45, Day 2 (Saturday)

I started my day at Boskone with a panel called “SF and Fantasy as Modern Myth”. The panel included Judith Berman, Debra Doyle, Greer Gilamn, and Sonya Taaffe. This panel was way far over my head. When discussions of science fiction feature words like “archetype”, they become too erudite even for me. So while I […]

Boskone, day 1

Almost midnight and I’m back from my first day (well, evening really) as Boskone. It’s been a lot of fun. I attended two panels. The first was “Selling What You Write” and it was interesting, but I realized that it was probably not something that I needed to attend, having made one sale already. This […]

Preliminary Boskone schedule

I mentioned Boskone in my last post. They have posted their “almost final” program schedule and I went through it this morning, trying to decide what I wanted to see. It’s tough; I wanted a mix of good s.f. discussion, as well as good sessions on writing. Here is my preliminary list, subject to change, […]