Connie Willis is the next Grand Master of science fiction

I just saw the news via Locus and I am so excited! Connie Willis is the next recipient Damon Knight Memorial Grand Master award for science fiction. I love Connie’s books and stories. Doomsday Book was incredible and for a time, I thought unbeatable. But then she came out with Blackout/All Clear which topped Doomsday Book (in my […]

My 2010 Hugo and Nebula nominations

I’ve done my nominations for the Hugo and Nebula awards for 2010. There were several good novels and one superbly outstanding one. I didn’t read a whole lot of short fiction from 2010 so some of those categories are blank.  Nominations within each grouping are listed alphabetically by author. Nebula Nominations Best Novel Echo by […]

What to read after Connie Willis’ Blackout/All Clear

Last week I discussed how Connie Willis’ Blackout/All Clear was made of awesome and the problems I have with rebound books after such a terrific read. Well, I finally found something to sink my teeth into after those amazing books: I am now reading Winston Churchill’s The Gathering Storm (on the Kindle, of course). Connie’s […]

Review: All Clear by Connie Willis (5-stars)

All Clear is the second part of the book that began with Connie Willis’ Blackout (see my review here) which came out early in 2010. Blackout/All Clear are a single book that was broken into two parts; they are not part of a series and it is impossible to read All Clear without first having […]

Best books of 2010

I read 19 books in 2010 which is a far cry from those early days in the mid-late-90s when I was reading 40 books a year. I know there are people out there who read a lot more and all I can say is: I’m jealous. The year started out with the fascinating biography of […]

Jumping back into All Clear by Connie Willis

I’ve been in one of those “I can’t decide what I want to read” phases. I’ve jumped around and sampled a lot over the last few days, but nothing is sticking. So I decided to go back to Connie Willis’ novel All Clear, which is really just the second part of Blackout which I read […]

Science fiction mysteries

I had an epiphany the other day. There is a certain kind of science fiction story (including novels) that I particularly like. It’s been hard for me to classify what these stories are. In the past I’ve thought of them as space opera, like Isaac Asimov‘s FOUNDATION series or Arthur C. Clarke‘s ODYSSEY series. But […]

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