The vacation cold

The Little Man has been sick with an ear infection, which entails fevers and some whining, but otherwise, he is a very good sick little boy. In fact, looking at him, you couldn’t tell that he’s even sick. He’s cheerful, happy, playful. All the things I am not when I am sick. I have managed […]

Sick day

I was sick on Friday and forced myself to stick it out at work because my boss was in town and I had two meetings that I absolutely had to attend. I felt pretty lousy for much of the weekend, and although I felt somewhat better this morning, I think one more day would help […]

Early to bed…

I left work around 3 PM, was home before 4 PM, took some NyQuil, and crawled into bed before 6 PM. I figured I nap for a few hours and then wake up, do a little writing, watch some TV, etc. Well, I just woke up–at 11:45 PM, 6 hours later. I’m not sure I […]

Still sick

I woke up this morning in the full throes of a cold, with all of the associated appurtenances. The NyQuil helped to mute some of them last night, but I didn’t take it during the day. I struggled along through two meetings that I had to be in the office for, but now that they […]

Yes, I’ve definitely come down with something

You know that feeling you get, a kind of rawness in the back of your throat, that bloated feeling in your gut, a stuffed up head, a glassy hot feeling to your eyes. You know what I’m talking about . Well, it’s happening to me right now. I hate it. After work today I had […]


Over the past couple of days, I’ve had a dull ache in my shoulders and neck. It wasn’t all that pronounced, but I did notice it and I attributed it, naturally, to stress. (Although it’s weird that I should do that, considering that my shoulders and neck have never before ached from stress.) In the […]

Time off for good behavior

I went through my draft self-appraisal with my boss today and I think it went pretty well. He had some good suggestions. He really surprised me, however, when he said, “Hey, since you put in all that time over the weekend, pick a day in the next week or two and take a day off.” […]

An extra dose of vitamin C…

Ugh! A little while ago, I started to get that feeling. You know, it starts behind your eyes and it’s usually a symptom of a fever or a cold. I’ve had my flu shots and I’ve been getting plenty of vitamin C. Maybe I need an extra dose? Usually, when I get a cold, it […]

Buyer beware! Cold medicine could turn you into a meth producer

Okay, perhaps a little hyperbole in that statement. But reality caught up with me today as I went to purchase some cold medicine at Rite-Aid. To be honest, I don’t pay a whole lot of detailed attention to the news anymore. It’s just too depressing. I’ll skim the Yahoo! headlines a few times a day, […]

Back in the office

I started out the day staying home because my cough had kept me up much of the night. But around 10 AM, I realized that I had quite a bit of work to do, so I got dressed, and headed into the office. So here I am, trying to stay on top of these three […]

On Through the Night

With the help of NyQuil, I made it through the night without too much trouble. I woke up with a bit of a fever still, but some TheraFlu and a cold shower (I didn’t even touch the hot water spiogot) seemed to take care of it. That, plus three of Jen’s delicious cinnamon rolls. I […]

Here in NYC

We’re about ready to have some White Castle, tater tots, and veggies. I need it! This cold of mine is kicking my butt!