Late this afternoon, Jen, Jason and I headed over to the Commerce Bank near their house and I made use of the “Penny Arcade” to get cash for all of the change that I brought up with me. Jen had the bag of dimes, Jason the bag of nickels, and I had the bag of […]

Colds and coins

I woke up this morning feeling like my allergies were really acting up again–only this time I think it might be a cold, and not allergies. I took Clariton and Benedryl this morning and that didn’t seem to do much. Plus, I’ve got that cold-like feeling in my head. Summer colds are the worst. I […]

FOLLOWUP: New York City on $2/day

Following up on yesterday’s post, I counted all of the change in my desk drawer this morning, and instead of being twice what I had it was home, when I eliminated all of the pennies, it was about half of what I had at home. But that’s still not bad. Here’s the breakdown: Quarters $26.00 […]

New York City on $2/day

This weekend in NYC, I planning on having a fun time; at least one nice dinner with jen_ashlock and Jason, and who knows what other good times. Jen and Jason have put themselves on a no-eating-out budget in the month of July, but I have a plan that will allow us to still have at […]

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