I felt productive at work today! I spent the entire day working on SQL stored procedures for importing data.  Pretty routine work, but I did some innovative validation stuff, that should make it easier for a person to validate the data that gets imported into the database.  I was in good flow and both the morning […]

Peaceful weekend, part 1

Kelly and I planned for these to be a peaceful weekend–our first one in over a month, since moving to the new house.  And for the most part, today was very peaceful.  I went to bed early last night–by accident.  I got in bed to read, and before I knew it, I just couldn’t focus on the page any longer. […]


Almost no one who reads this is a programmer of any kind, so this will mean very little to you. But I just have to say that I spent the last 2-1/2 hours trying to debug a type problem in a C# .NET application I am working on. I added a cool feature that allowed […]

Finally Some progress!

There were some problems with the development server that I was using this morning. What made it worse is that the server is in Santa Monica and I can’t just walk up to it on smack it. I couldn’t even make a remote connection to it. Aside from other things, this server is our source […]

Coding complete!

Well, what I thought was going to take me a full eight hours took under four. It must be the music! I can now move onto some other stuff–in particular a bug that was reported late last week in some software that is rolling out on March 5.

Top 10 albums for writing code

Today is a code-writing day at work. There is also construction going on outside the building and there is intermittent bone-jarring noise that has already developed into a headache. Headaches are rare for me so you get the idea. I was about to put on my iPod to block out the sound when it occurred […]

Friday night/Saturday morning

I went to happy hour after work last night with several people from work. We went to Chammps and we were there until just about 8 PM. I was home just before 9 PM and I tried to read for a little while but I was pretty tired and I went to bed soon after. […]

Wrap up

I spent about 6-7 hours today working on interfaces for my book collection/reading list databases. It’s possible that by tomorrow I will have enough in place to make some of this more public so that people who are curious can take a look. I’m quitting for the night on this, and I’m just going to […]

Book database updates

I got home from work at about 6 PM and I have been working on updates to the book/reading database ever since (virtually without stopping). My goal for the weekend was to (finally) get the web-based interfaces for updating the database put together and I made pretty good progress tonight. I got the interfaces for […]

Seven hours!

Ladies and gentlemen, some advice: When you are developing a software system in environment A with the full intention of rolling it out in environment A, do not be so foolhardy as to allow the Powers That Be to decide it will be rolled out in environment B. What should have taken an hour or […]

We all live in a yellow submarine

I recently gave a briefing on some software I have been developing to a fairly large audience of technical people. These were all people within my department, and the purpose of these briefings is to keep everyone up to speed on interesting projects going on in the department. I usually do these off-the-cuff, but I […]

Long day

I was up at 4:30 yesterday morning (since it is now past midnight) and it is now approaching 2 AM and I’m about ready to get to bed. I’ve been up for more than 21 hours and it’s my longest day in quite a while. I was working on my book database this evening, and […]