We had nearly 70 degree weather today and it was terrific.  We were up around 7:30 or so.  After breakfast, we headed out for an early walk to enjoy this mini-spring.  We took the basketball with us, but were disturbed by the fact that it kept getting stuck in the net on the court.  Kelly […]

Catching up, part 2

I went upstairs to read at 7 PM last night and couldn’t get through a page before falling asleep.  I woke up at 6 AM and Kelly and I decided to stay in bed (and keep warm) until 7:30.  So I basically slept for 12 hours last night.  Then it was off to a busy day in the […]

Monday wrap-up

An unusually warm day today.  Temperatures were well into the 60s!  I had to run an errand early this afternoon and I went outside without my jacket and it felt great!  Back to winter weather tomorrow, however. Lots of mail today, including the February 2009 issue of ASIMOV’S and the December 13 issue of NEW SCIENTIST. […]

Rock Band

Kelly and I are back home after playing Rock Band at Kevin’s for 5 hours!  We got there around noon, went to Boston Market for lunch, and then headed back to play Rock Band.  We started sometime around 12:30 and we finished just before 5:30.  I spent about half the time drumming and the other half […]


Well, there are flakes in the air right now, snow flakes, and it’s only November 21, still a month away from winter.  And 6 days ago it was in the 70s.

Gettin’ caught in the rain…

It was unusually warm yesterday, over 70 degrees by mid-morning.  Kelly and I walked up to Pentagon City where we had brunch at Harry’s Tap Room.  We then wandered around the mall for a little while, popping in and out of various shops, just browsing, not buying.  We walked back home and about halfway, the […]

The autumn leaves of red and gold

We could not have asked for better weather today.  It was an absolutely gorgeous fall day, with temperatures above 70 degrees.  So nice was it, that Kelly said that we should go for a hike.  We pulled out a book of hikes in Northern Virginia and finally decided on a hike around Burke Lake, a […]

Slow Saturday

It was a slow day today, but that was nice, especially since it’s the last weekend before returning to work.  We lazed around for much of the day today, although we did manage to get in some Wii playing early this afternoon.  I did some chores at home, and started reading Walter Isaacson’s Einstein.  I […]

There will come soft rains

Hannah hit Saturday early afternoon with lots of rain and wind, but not much of anything else.  It was a lazy day for us.  We didn’t sleep in late, but we took a lengthy nap in the middle of the day.  It was pleasant listening to the rain pound on the roof and wind whip […]


Up at 6:40-ish and into the office shortly thereafter.  Another productive morning, but an afternoon stuck in meetings.  Fortunately, a meeting that was scheduled for 2 hours only lasted an hour.  That was a pleasant surprise, considering it’s usually the other way around. I left the office around 4 PM, and walked home.  But I read while […]

The power is back!

strausmouse called me and shortly thereafter, the power magically came back on. Lesson: if you ever have a power-outage, ask strausmouse to call you. Works like a charm.

No power

The storm has knocked out my power. Its been at least 2 hours. Posted via my iPhone.