Chicon 7: Sunday (Or, The Hugo Awards)

‘m writing this 2 days after the fact so the winners of the 2012 Hugo Awards are known around the world, but I wanted to start with a big shout out to John DeNardo and everyone over at the¬†Hugo Award-Winning SF Signal. Seeing John win the Hugo may have been the most exciting moment of […]

Chicon 7: Saturday (Or, Life Among My Amazing Friends)

ust a warning: this post can't possibly convey the fun that I had at Chicon yesterday. Writer, though I am, I lack the tools the make you feel what I was feeling. But I will do my best. I slept in yesterday. If memory serves, I maintained reasonable hours the night before, but was still […]

Chicon 7: Friday (Or, Panels and Parties)

I managed to be up just after 6am on Friday, despite the late night the night before. I came down to the lobby to write up the Thursday blog post, and then met Allen Steele for breakfast. It was a great breakfast and set the tone for the rest of the day. Allen has always […]

Chicon 7: Thursday (Or, Meeting Robert Silverberg)

Yesterday (Thursday) was my first full day at the 70th World Science Fiction Convention. As a reminder to those who may not have been following along, this is my first Worldcon. Despite being up later than usual the night before (in part, listening to Scott Edelman's excited descriptions of his dinner at Next–which I see […]

My tentative Chicon 7 schedule

Chicon 7, also known as the 70th World Science Fiction Convention, will be the first Worldcon that I’ve ever attended, either as a fan or a writer. It’s a little over 3 weeks away and I’m really looking forward to it. I have received my tentative (because there are always last-minute changes in a convention […]