Character counts 10 year anniversary interview

I’m a big fan of Michael Josephson’s “Character Counts” essays on KNX 1070 in Los Angeles. The daily essays on ethics and character are a breath of fresh air compared to most news programming out there. Recently, these essays have reached their 10th anniversary. Tomorrow, at 11 AM Pacific (2 PM Eastern), there will be […]

The Guy In the Glass

I came across this great verse while reading the lastest Character Counts commentaries that I receive each Thursday in email. The verse is by Dale Wimbrow, and was written in 1934. (For more info, see his website.) When you get what you want in your struggle for self, And the world makes you King for […]

Driven to distraction

I have a theory: I think you can tell a lot about a person’s character by how they drive their car.

The Cold Within

My weekly newsletter containing this weeks radio commentaries on “Character Counts” by Michael Josephson had a commentary on racism and hate, which contained a verse by James Patrick Kinney called “The Cold Within”. I’d never seen the verse before, but after hearing it, I decided I liked it. (It’s not free verse, so that might […]

Character counts

We need more of this: When I was living in L.A., I used to listen to these commentaries on the way home from work and thought they were great. I found them available on the web tonight.

The junk food lawsuit

While eating my peanut butter and jelly sandwich, Caffine Free Coke (TM) and chocolate brownie for lunch, I came across a news item on Yahoo! reporting that Nickelodeon and Kellogg were the targets of a lawsuit which cites a “recent report documenting the influence of marketing on what children eat”. You can link to the […]