Protected: It must be a conspiracy!

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On cooking, commas, and Rachel Ray

Ken Jennings has some amusing things to say on the placement of commas on a Rachel Ray advertisement.

Top-earning dead celebrities

In one of it’s more obscure lists, Forbes recently released its list of top-earning dead celebrities. At the top of the list (and the reason it was newsworthy) was Kurt Cobain, who recently overtook Elvis as the top dead earner ($50 million in the last year alone). But of all of the celebrities on the […]

The Greatest Music Video Ever?

Okay, maybe not the greatest, but one of the funniest I’ve ever seen. David Hasselholf has taken a page out of William Shatner’s book when it comes to making fun of himeself with his lastest video, “Jump In My Car”. Check it out!

Ken Jennings’ new book

Ken Jennings, of Jeopardy! fame is coming out with a book, Brainiacs, on the history of trivia buffs. The books is due out in a few months but even better is that he will be on a book tour that will take him to Arlington, Virginia. Maybe I can get a signed copy. Ken Jennings […]