A new post in the Adventures of the Little Zipper

People following our blog on the Adventures of the Little Zipper should head over there now to read about the latest developments.  But be warned:  this one’s a doozy.  If you don’t have access to the blog and would like to read it, send me and email and I’ll add you to the access list.

All birds come home to roost

A brief note: my experiment with Word Press over for the time being.  It is a great document-management and blogging product, but: I spend way too much time trying to tweak it just the way I want It seems silly to me (now) to manage the blog myself when LiveJournal provides that service Most people reading this […]

New updates on the Little Zipper

With my update on this blog earlier, I wanted to also post a reminder that Kelly and I do have a separate protected blog with updates on Zachary.  Until a few days ago, that blog hadn’t been updated in a while, but we’ve both made updates in the last few days.  Aa any parent knows, […]

Transition to WordPress

After nearly a year of playing with WordPress behind the scenes, I have decided to begin the gradual transition from LiveJournal to WordPress once and for all.  As part of this transition, the following will be taking place in the short-term: All blog posts will continue to be cross-posted to LiveJournal and Facebook LiveJournal posts […]

Do you like food?

I mean, really, who doesn’t right?  What about cooking?  And funny?  Do you like funny?  Well then, forget Julie and Julia and take short link hop over to the Mouse House Kitchen where gives you food and funny all in one heaping helping.  Think of it as George Carlin meets Rachel Ray:  you know, like the […]

Offline most of the weekend

I was offline most of the weekend.  Back-dated posts and updates coming later today or tomorrow.  Just got into the office (10:50 AM).  We had about 6" of snow since last night.

Yes, I have some catching up to do

Backdated posts from Valentine’s Day and the weekend are coming soon. ETA: weekend has been updated.  You can read about the trip to Albany here.

Backup blogs and LJ layoffs

 Thanks to will_couvillier  for pointing this out: LJ seems to be in some turmoil.  There were some layoffs and some of the development and design has been pushed to Moscow, while other aspects (like server hosting and support) are remaining in the U.S.  This has got a lot of people nervous about LJ’s future.  Post of […]

Mortgage questions?

My brother, Doug, who is in the mortgage business, is doing a series of videos on his blog that answer common questions about mortgages.  If you are interested or curious, you should check them out.

Catching up

Vacation has put me a few days behind on the blog, but I am catching up and the backdated posts should appear this morning.  Keeping up on Facebook was easier because I didn’t have to depend on wireless connections while I was gone.  Incidentally, speaking of Facebook, thanks to Doug, I go reconnected with a high school […]

Happy Birthday strausmouse, etc.

First, a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY shout out to strausmouse .  For your birthday, I give you warmer weather than you’ve been having lately. You can thank me later. Etc.: I know, it’s been a few days.  I’ve had intermittent wireless access and limited time.  Nevertheless, I’ve got the backdated posts  mostly written and should get them posted shortly. […]

A quick update

Just a quick note to let everyone know that I have backposted most of the cruise blog entries up to the present.  You can read them here.  They are all tagged as vacation.2008.  I have not yet backposted the wedding day and rehearsal day posts as I haven’t had time to finish them yet.  But […]