I’m not the only one who counts everything

I was reassured to read Ken Jennings blog entry this afternoon where he mentions that he has had at least one blog entry for 74 consecutive days, which matches his streak on Jeopardy!. He has decided not to do a blog entry tomorrow out a respect for the day he lost. Then it’s back to […]

Style change

So you may have notice I have (temporarily?) changed the style of this blog. Up until now, I’d been using the Bloggish style (S2) which I really liked. However, when I came in this morning, I noticed that the layering was not working properly. I assume that someone edited the underlying style and screwed something […]

Other random blogs

I’ve just spend the last 30 minutes or so reading through the most recent posts to LiveJournal to see what random people write in their blogs. It was a depressing 30 minutes. Keep in mind that my blog is a replacement for a diary that I have kept for nearly 10 years now. My diary […]