It was one year ago today, October 25, 2005, that I first got my paid LiveJournal account. I’d had a free account for some time, but had never actually used it. I ended up getting the paid account for 2 reasons: (1) it was the first day of my vacation and I wanted to to […]

Miles and miles and miles

My Saturn is ten years old today! It has 106,587 miles on it and it has never given me any signifcant trouble. When I first got the car ten years ago, it was my first new car ever. Here is what I had to say about it in my diary from October 22, 1996: Yes, […]


Today is my 12 year anniversary at my company. That’s right, twelve years ago today was my very first day, and I can remember parts of it as though it were yesterday, which is kind of scary. In those 12 years, I have had exactly 3 offices, which is probably some kind of record since […]

Ten years ago…

I’m sure almost no one remembers this, but ten years ago today on September 7, 1996, I got married. Being 34 years old now, I feel somewhat younger, when I realize that I got married 10 years ago. It didn’t last 10 years, of course, but with my memory for dates and events, and with […]

Happy 5 year anniversary Doug & Rachel!

Today is Doug and Rachel’s 5 year anniversary. Five years ago today we were all hanging out on Catalina Island, having a blast. I just wanted to wish you guys a very happy anniversary.

Four years in Maryland

Today, August 1, marks my “official” 4 year anniversary living in Maryland. “Official,” because I actually moved out here on July 28, 2002, but I didn’t start up at work until August 1, so I use that date, because it’s a nice round number. I was reminded of this upcoming anniversary a few days ago […]

Happy 39th Anniversary, Mom & Dad

Today is my parent’s 39th wedding anniversary–or as I like to call it, their “Jack Benny” anniversary. It’s funny, really, how people never want to share their age, once they are older than, say, 39 years; and yet these same people are so proud of how many years they have been married. Next year is […]