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Good morning from 35,000 ft

We are about 40 minutes into our AirTran flight down to Ft. Meyers, Florida. Since AirTran is providing free WiFi this month (courtesy of Google Chrome) I just couldn’t pass up the chance to post live from 35,000 feet.

I didn’t see the lunar eclipse  last night, mostly out of laziness. I was up at 3:17am when the eclipse was supposed to be at its peak, but the moon was directly overhead and those I tried looking from several windows in the house, I couldn’t see it. I suppose I could have gone outside, but it was in the low 20s and I was warm and comfortable, and besides, I can see it again in another four centuries or so, right?

The Little Man was very excited to fly on an airplane this morning. When we arrived at the airport, he watched the various planes moving about from here to there, pointing them all out excitedly. Once on board, he was alert for the takeoff, sitting in my lap and watching out the window. Five minutes later he was sound asleep. But then again, he’s an old pro at this. Today’s flight is his 9th.

A number of people have asked me if I was going to be blogging while on vacation. I think this post gives a good answer for that, but just in case it’s not clear to anyone: yes!

Should be back on the ground in an hour or so. And magically, the temperatures will have gone from the low 30s to the mid 70s. Ahhhh!

A Sunday drive to Bronxville

Yesterday, we drove the new car up to Bronxville where we are staying with Jen and Jason while I attend the variously Writerly Events I have scheduled for today in New York City.  We left at 8am and stopped in New Brunswick to meet Kelly’s cousins for brunch at a place called Old Man Rafferty’s.  The brunch there was quite amazing and included some crabs legs which were particularly good.

After brunch, we headed over to the neighborhood that I grew up in–Somerset, New Jersey.  We drove past the house that I grew up in and except for the color it looks very much like I remembered it:


When I lived there, it was the early-mid-1970s. Thirty years later, the cars are the most noticeable changes in the neighborhood.  We drove past my school as well, and then continued up to Broxnville to Jen and Jason’s place.

Zach and Sadie had a blast together, chasing each other around the apartment, laughing and wearing out their parents who merely stood on the sidelines watching.  We all headed out to the Outback Steakhouse for dinner and then came back home and began to wind down.  At first, it seemed that Zach was going to have a quiet, easy night, but that wasn’t to be.  He was uncomfortable, overtired, and itchy and that made for a rough night for him, and Kelly.  And me.  But he finally got to sleep and he’s still asleep this morning as I write this.

I tried getting up this morning to do a little writing, but it wasn’t to be, so it looks like today will be my first missed day since I started on the novel.  That’s okay.  I’ve done a pretty good job so far and I think I’ve earned a day off.

We’re heading into the City a little later this morning.  I have a lunch around noon, a dinner at 5:30, and the big SFWA event at 7.