Going Paperless Quick Tip: See Evernote Reminders in a Calendar with Sunrise

have been using the Sunrise calendar app for a few years now, and recently, they introduced a new feature that greatly expands the applications with which Sunrise integrates. Previously, I’d used Sunrise to view my Google Calendars, as well as Facebook calendars, the latter mostly to see birthdays or events. In it’s most recent release, […]

Going Paperless Quick Tip: Clipping Email with the Evernote Web Clipper

was recently asked if there was a way to automatically eliminate the header information you get in a note when you forward an email message to your Evernote account.¬†The short answer is to use the Evernote Web Clipper. This solution really only works if you are using Gmail, which I do. That said, if you […]

Going Paperless Quick Tip: 3 Ways I Use Evernote to Avoid Sweating the Small Stuff

hen I first started using Evernote, I did so with the full intent of pushing their slogan, “Remember everything,” to its limit. There are many benefits to this. In his book¬†Getting Things Done1, Dave Allen points out that getting things out of your head so that you don’t have to remember them helps reduce stress. […]

Going Paperless Quick Tip: 5 Spring Cleaning Tips for Streamlining Evernote

he weather here has finally started to feel like spring. Better late than never, I suppose. Spring is my favorite season. Don’t get me wrong, I love the summer, but when you have to go through a cold, snowy winter, there’s nothing quite like spring. For many people, of course, spring means spring cleaning, and […]

Going Paperless Quick Tip: Edit Scanned PDFs Directly in Evernote

spent much of my weekend scanning nearly 1,300 pages worth of documents in the filing cabinet. The only reason I did it is because we’re getting rid of the filing cabinet to make way for some new furniture. I scanned all of the pages using my Fujitsu Scansnap s1300i, and in all of those pages, […]

Going Paperless Quick Tip: Append to Existing Notes in Evernote via Email

few weeks back, I wrote about how I use the Drafts app to quickly add common notes to Evernote, including appending items to existing notes. The Drafts app is a Mac-only app, and my solution, therefore, was really a Mac-only solution. The truth is that the bulk of my computing ecosystem is Macintosh, and I […]

Going Paperless Quick Tip: Using Mail Filters to Automatically Send Email Receipts and Other Messages to Evernote

here are certain types of email messages that I like to keep in Evernote because I find it useful to have them there. Receipts from places like Amazon or Audible, or instance, or travel itineraries are a few examples. I get weekly email reports on my FitBit activity, my cloud backup status, or my productivity […]

Going Paperless Quick Tip: How I Do A “Daily Review” in Evernote

have never jumped on board the GTD bandwagon. This is entirely because of my own failings, and not any failings with the methodology of GTD. It fits well for some, and not for others. I’ve read David Allen’s book multiple times, and I’ve tried his GTD methodology both before and after I used Evernote. For […]

Going Paperless Quick Tip: Create a Table of Contents for a Set of Arbitrary Notes (Mac Only)

eople organize notes in different ways, but the organization mostly involves notebooks and tags. Sometimes I’ve found that tags and notebooks are not specific enough to what I need. But I don’t want to create more tags or notebooks. For example: I will tag notes related to meetings as “meeting notes.” That makes it easy […]

Going Paperless Quick Tip: How to Search Evernote for Attached Documents

any of my notes in Evernote have some kind of document attached to them. More often than not, these are PDF files that I have scanned in. However, they can also be images, Word documents, or other types of documents that I’ve attached to the note. Evernote has great search capabilities, and can, for instance, […]

Going Paperless Quick Tip: Using Evernote to Create a Quick, Ad Hoc Thank You List for Holiday Gifts

oliday season is upon us, and for those who celebrate Hanukkah, it is already here. I thought for this week’s Quick Tip, I’d offer a suggestion that I used during the holidays last year: Using Evernote to create a quick, ad hoc thank you list for holiday gifts you receive. It is actually very simple. […]

Going Paperless Quick Tip: Scan Now, Organize Later

am always looking for ways to optimize the use of my time, and recently I’ve hit on a process that helps speed up getting papers scanned into Evernote. I call it my “Scan Now, Organize Later” method. And yes, it is as simple as it sounds. It works like this: Each evening, after I pick […]