What I Read in October 2012

‘m a little behind getting this post out, but part of the reason is that I have now partially automated the process of generating these posts–something which I will discuss in my Going Paperless tips post next week. Remember that items in bold are recommended. And a (^) indicates a re-read. It is also worth […]

The Golden Age of Short Science Fiction and Fantasy

I’ve said it many times before, but after coming back from Worldcon, I truly believe that we are in the midst of another Golden Age of short science fiction and fantasy. With that in mind, I just wanted to provide a post that lists some of the great magazines people can subscribe to in order […]

What I Read in July 2012

July appeared to be a Stephen King month for me. Most of the short fiction I read was King and every novel I read was King as well. Short fiction still suffered this month, but that is in part because I read three fairly long books (two of the three books added up to nearly […]

What I read in June 2012

I’ve decided to consolidate my monthly reading posts into a single posts covering short fiction, magazine articles, and books. It seems to me that one post is more efficient than three and can be just as easily organized. And it has the added benefit of allowing me to list everything for the month in a […]

Short fiction I read in May 2012

This month’s reading was better than last month, but it was of much narrower focus. I read almost nothing that came out recently until last night, when I started Allen Steele’s latest story in the July Asimov’s. I might also have read even more short fiction were it not for several other things keeping me […]

Short fiction I read in April 2012

April was not a good month for short fiction. The stories were great, but I didn’t have time to read many. This was, in part, due to the fact that I spent much of April doing my annual reading of Isaac Asimov’s autobiography. Between that and the reading I do for my Vacation in the […]

Short fiction I read in March 2012

Here is what I read in March: Living in the Eighties by David Ira Cleary (Asimov’s 4/12). [3/2/2012] Some Curious Effects of Time Travel by L. Sprague de Camp (Astounding, April 1942). [3/2/2012] Pig Trap by Malcolm Jameson (Astounding, April 1942). [3/2/2012] Time Pussy by Isaac Asimov (as by George E. Dale) (Astounding, April 1942). […]

Short fiction I read in February 2012

Here is the short fiction I read in February 2012. Despite the fact that there was an extra day in February, I still managed to make my average of at least 1 story/day. I read a total of 29 pieces of short fiction in February. As always bold titles are stories that I’d recommend: The Man Who […]

Short fiction I read in January 2012

Here is the short fiction I read in January. For a second time, I made my goal of averaging 1 story/day, although the spread isn’t particularly even. As always, bold titles are recommended. Sorcerer’s Apprentice by Malcolm Jameson (as by Colin Keith) (Astounding December 1941). [1/2/2012] Bullard Refeclts by Malcolm Jameson (Astounding December 1941). [1/3/2012] Joe […]

My “to-read” story list

Many people I know have lists (or stacks) of books that they intend to read. I used to have something similar. But since shifting my focus to short fiction, and trying to read a lot more short fiction, I’ve discovered that despite doing a pretty good job at keeping up with 1 story/day, there are […]

Short fiction I read in December 2011

Here is the short fiction I read in December. Finally, for the first time, I beat my goal of reading 1 story/day. I read 38 this month, most of them while I was on vacation, but hey, I’ll take it. As always, bold titles are recommended. Found in the Wreckage by Marge Simon (Daily SF, […]

Year in review – 2011: Short fiction reading

I have said that we are in a golden age for short science fiction and fantasy. There is so much good short fiction out there it is difficult to keep up with it all. I had no specific goals for short fiction reading at the beginning of 2011. Reading short science fiction is probably my […]