Manifesto 43: Improving My Quantified Self

hen it comes to quantified self, one question I frequently hear is “how can this data really help me”? It is a good question, especially since there are huge volumes of data about ourselves available, and it may not be obvious how to put it to use. I have used quantified self data to improve […]

20 Apps and Services that Made Me More Productive in 2014

am often asked about the apps and services I use to get my work done. Last February I listed many of those apps and services in the How I Work interview I did with Lifehacker. With 2014 now in the books, I put together a list of the apps and services that I felt made […]

My Google Docs Writing Tracker Can Now Be Used with Text-Based Files

pushed an update this afternoon to my Google Docs Writing Tracker that allows text-based files to be used with the system. For those who aren’t familiar: my Google Docs Writing Trackers is a system I created that automates the process of tracking my writing word counts and time spent each day, stores the data in […]

3 Productivity Tips from Winston Churchill

am often astonished by how little technology can really help make me more productive. More often than not, it adds distractions. Take word processors, for example. I’ve argued before that a word processor for writers should do 3 things really well. When word processors don’t do these things, I have to spend less time writing […]