Rewatching M*A*S*H

ometimes, my brain needs a break. Lately, to give it that break, I’ve been rewatching M*A*S*H. All things considered, it is probably my all-time favorite TV show. The show first aired the year I was born, and I remember watching it (and its reruns) as youngster. Hearing the theme song bring a kind of comforting […]

Thoughts on the Star Wars Episode VII Trailer

was five years old when the original Star Wars was released in theaters. I don’t remember seeing any trailers for the movie. I just remember my parents taking me to the drive-in to see the movie. That’s right: the first time I saw Star Wars was at the drive-in. When The Phantom Menace came out in 1999, I remember seeing the […]

Thoughts on HBOs Attempt to Adapt Isaac Asimov’s Foundation for Television

saac Asimov’s Foundation series has long been one of my favorite pieces of science fiction. I know that there is a lot to criticize about the series. It has an unadorned writing style. It has continuity problems. These are elements that I’ve learned not only to embrace, but to love, the way one comes to love […]

A Note To Congress on the Looming Government Shutdown

ear Congress, I write this note with all due respect. Here are some observations by a relatively optimistic guy from whom you have  sucked away the belief that Congress as an institution has the ability to do anything except pose for cameras and point fingers. 1. My son’s t-ball team, a diverse group of three, […]

Where Would I Be Without Public Libraries?

n op-ed piece by Mary Vavrina in today’s Falls Church News-Press brought to my attention the fact that the Fairfax County Public Library Board will soon be voting on a plan to “streamline” all county library services. And in this context, “streamline” is not synonymous with “make more efficient,” unless your definition of efficiency is to simply […]

One or Two Spaces After a Period?

I am currently away on an Internet Vacation. I’ll be back online on March 31. I have written one new post for each day of my Vacation so that folks don’t miss me too much while I am gone. But keep in mind, these posts have been scheduled ahead of time. Feel free to comment, […]

Dear Wells Fargo, Please Stop Poaching!

e refinanced our house recently and it was done through Wells Fargo and they did a terrific job, While the process took a while, there was very little paperwork involved (discounting the 146 pages we had to sign at the closing) and our mortgage guy was very, very good. We were happy with the results. […]

This Year’s Baseball Hall of Fame Ballot

ater today, the Baseball Writers Association of America will come out with their Hall of Fame ballot for 2013. I have a feeling that for only the third time since 1965, there may be no one on the list. Included among the eligible candidates this year are Roger Clemens, Barry Bonds, and Sammy Sosa. While […]

Thoughts on The Hobbit

n Sunday, Kelly and I left the kids with their grandparents for a few hours and escaped to see The Hobbit at the local theater1. It was playing in 3D/48fps and that is how we saw it. The theater was at a large, outdoor shopping mall here in southwestern Florida and while the mall was packed […]

The GoDaddy Outage

As everyone now knows, GoDaddy suffered a major outage yesterday,  which caused this site to be down for four hours. It wasn’t that big a deal for me. I maintain this site as a labor of love, not as a business, so I didn’t lose any money over the outage. For others, that wasn’t the […]

Dear political campaigns: I will no longer be a party to nonsense

The transcript goes something like this: ME: Hello? CALLER: Hello, Mr. Rubin, this is [name redacted] from the [political organization redacted]. As I’m sure you know this is a tough election year and–“ ME: Let me stop you right there. I’m not taking calls from political campaigns. CALLER: I understand, Mr. Rubin, and I won’t […]

Stephen King: Digging Beneath the Topsoil

Yesterday, several friends pointed me to an article in titled, “My Stephen King Problem” by a fellow named Dwight Allen. Actually, they pointed me to an excellent rebuttal to the article by Erik Nelson titled, “Stephen King: You Can Be Popular and Good.” You might consider reading both before continuing. I suspect they directed […]