Going iPad: One Year Later

It was one year ago this past Thursday when my iPad 2 arrived in the mail. So I thought it would be a good time as any to review my experiences with the tablet over the last year. To sum up the experience, however, the iPad was well worth the cost. Indeed, with the various […]

“Jump gestures” for e-books

So in thinking about more use cases for traditional books and e-books, I came up with one that would be incredibly useful to have in e-book readers. I’ll use the Kindle App as an example, since that is where I do 97% of my e-book reading. Let’s say you are reading, oh, I don’t know, […]

Why no notes or highlighting in Kindle magazines?

I’ve written before of the many reasons why I love e-books. One of those reasons is the ability to highlight text and make notes about what you are reading. I find this enormously valuable, and it is something I would never dream of doing in a physical book. I’ve been reading a lot of magazines […]

iOS 5.0: My day-one experience

I read quite a few posts yesterday of people who had some rather nightmarish experiences upgrading their iPhones and iPads to iOS 5, some of which resulted in bricked devices. My experience was completely opposite. When I got home, I did the following and it all worked smoothly and without a hiccup: Upgraded my MacBook […]

Ask and ye shall receive…?

Last week I wrote a post suggesting some improvements to some of the apps that I use on the iPad. One of my suggestions was the ability to send articles from Zinio directly into Evernote. Well, that hasn’t happened yet, but yesterday, I discovered that my RSS app, Reeder released a new version in which […]

Thoughts on how to improve the utility of some iPad apps I use

More and more, I am transferring my base of computing operations to the iPad. There are really only two things that I do a substantial amount of on my laptop as opposed to the iPad: writing fiction and writing blog posts. Nearly everything else I do in my iPad and I am beginning to uncover […]

The science fiction magazine e-format boom!

I hesitated to update the Kindle App on my iPad to the most current version because of a¬†philosophical¬†issue I had with Apple’s in-app purchase policy. And yet I am weak, and cast my morals aside when the right circumstances arise. Two events converged this evening that convinced me to update the app: Event #1: Fantasy […]

My virtual to-read stack (who needs a nightstand anymore?)

Since I haven’t posted it in a while, here is what is on my virtual “to-read” stack on my Kindle App for the iPad: And in case you can’t read what’s there, here is the list, in no particular order, except the first item which is what I am reading now: A Storm of Swords […]

Going digital: New Scientist

I’ve been a subscriber to New Scientist since October 2008. It is my primary source of keeping up with science and technology each week. For those who’ve never read it (or heard of it), New Scientist is a weekly science magazine out of the UK. It is usually around 48 pages and contains a summary […]

The Death of Borders and My Book-Buying Practices

If you are at all a fan of books and reading, you’ve by now heard that Borders books will be liquidating their stock and closing their remaining stores. This has to be incredibly tough on the 10,000 or so employees who will be jobless at the end of this process. And yet, I felt like […]

Some more thoughts on the iPad 2

This holiday weekend is the first time I’ve taken the iPad on the road. I didn’t bring my laptop with me–a deliberate effort to see how well I could get along without it, and how many of my most common tasks I could perform using just the iPad and my wireless keyboard. I’m pleased to […]

Going iPad: the complete series

For those who haven’t had a chance to see it yet (and because I am particularly busy today and don’t have much time for new content), here are the links to the entire Going iPad series I wrote a few weeks back after I first got my iPad 2: Reading on the iPad Writing on […]